Taylor Swift - evermore

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I don't know that I'll ever get over the way she described the feeling of being so much more in love with someone than they are with you in 'tolerate it'.

Where's that man who'd throw blankets over my barbed wire?
I made you my temple, my mural, my sky
Now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life
Drawing hearts in the byline
Always taking up too much space or time
You assume I'm fine
But what would you do if I

Break free and leave us in ruins
Took this dagger in me and removed it
Gain the weight of you then lose it
Believe me, I could do it

I've been in the position where you're in your head trying to threaten your lover with leaving them, taking away all the love you have to give and it's like...they don't care. Take it away and they couldn't give two fucks.

God, what a song.
I feel like the lyric "he's gonna burn this house to the ground" in ivy has a bit of a double meaning to it. He'll obviously be so angry when he finds out that she's cheating on him and has feelings for someone else, that he'll "burn this house to the ground" in a fit of rage, the kind of hyperbolic thing you'd say when describing how angry someone will be about something. But also, he'll burn down her house of stone, where his (the other man) ivy grows. He'll put a stop to the affair, he'll rip them apart, he'll destroy what they have together.
It’s funny to think back to the backlash of 2016, the whole Reputation saga, she sheer horror of Me!

If we’d have known back then that we would one day get folklore and evermore... it may have changed our whole perception of everything. Both albums have solidified her place in the upper echelons of musicianship. She now feels untouchable and peerless (obviously she has peers, but you know what I mean).
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If we’d have known back then that we would one day get folklore and evermore... it may have changed our whole perception everything.

No, she was still acting self-centered and unaware during the entire saga throughout reputation and reached creative lows from there into Lover that were embarrassing, and is in part probably now challenging herself because she finally got met with pushback to what she was pushing out.
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The song was added to power rotation on KISS-108. Cute.
So is she done with evermore now?

I'm sure she will give it a nice little Grammy campaign in the fall, but I'm sure like folklore, she wasn't planning on really drawing it out. She will probably have some overlapping "eras" and pushing between evermore and the re-recordings and the third album of the trilogy
Decided that Willow is her best lead single

Tim McGraw's corpse found rotted in a ditch by Faith Hill. It's a Love Story baby just say no. Mine gifted away. We Are Never Getting Back Together left on read. Shake It Off shook to death. Look What You Made Me Do eaten by a snake. Me! locked in a room by itself for eternity. Cardigan used as a cat bed. Yes, you are correct, Willow is her best lead.
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