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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. My vinyl arrived today without notification that it even shipped
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  2. This top 5 tho. A rare display of taste.
  3. I love that the vinyl release has given the album a second life, it’s almost like it’s a brand new album again when it’s actually 6 months old.
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  4. I know they only did it for charts before the rules changed but it’s annoying Cardigan had so many vinyl variants but we don’t have anything for the multiple great Willow remixes!
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  5. Over 200K? I was not expecting that.

    Absolutely deserved it though. What an album.

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  6. Amazing, and it’s what her best album deserves! I’m happy it’s getting a little second moment to shine because I was scared that it was going to just be left behind as an overshadowed masterpiece.

    (Also....cue the fan theories about the 4 red heart emojis)
  7. It's what Taylegend Sw1ft and her best album deserve.
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  8. It’s odd how Folklore has been charting higher than Evermore in the US and U.K. for the past couple of weeks (pre Evermore vinyl) despite Willow doing well and Evermore being released nearly 6 months after Folklore.
  9. folklore got a big boost from the Grammy win which is when it lapped evermore on the charts, at least in the US. Hopefully evermore gets a cute little third-wind come awards season, although I'm not expecting it to do as well as folklore (even though it's equally deserving).
  10. The way that someone spins a wheel and one of her albums goes to number 1.
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  11. I got my signed copy today so I’m willing to bet those shipping out helped.
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  12. In my feelings?

  13. Four hearts.....fourth album

    Speak Now (Taylor's Version) is next!
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  14. Hmmm... Speak Now is her 3rd?
  15. If the four red hearts are in reference to anything it’s definitely her… fourth album Red, lol.

    But that’s as much digging as I’m willing to do.
  16. I can't count to 3, clearly. Or it was just wishful thinking on my part.
  17. I love evermore but it is definitely a winter album. It’s my favorite album of hers but I find myself playing it less and less as it gets warmer here. On the other hand, I’ve been hammering folklore every day. Perfect album for hot summer nights.
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  18. HDD early projections have evermore holding in the top 10 next week…delay the next re-recording and give us the evermore Long Pond Studio Sessions while it’s got this second wind, @taylorswift13.
  19. Not Morgan Wallen still top 3...
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