Taylor Swift - evermore

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Melodrama, Dirty Computer, Norman Fucking Rockwell and now evermore


I don't think this gif has ever been more appropriate.
I mean I think she could do it, there is NO WAY Dr Puke is winning AOTY and SOUR is fantastic but not quite there for this award, So I’d say It’s her and Billie but watch them give it to Justin or Lady Gaga.
I think evermore might be her most accomplished effort as a songwriter. I've come back to the album a lot in the last year and even more so in the last few weeks and having a few more of her albums on rotation recently has only highlighted this. It's so unbelievably deft in every way, this quiet little album. "willow"... there's some ancient magic in that one.
Ok now that my initial frustration has passed (I was really hoping she'd get a cute Pop Solo Performance win for willow), I'm very proud that this did get the recognition of being up for Album of the Year, which is difficult to get not everybody has that! Hopefully she will campaign for it and give it some extra love.
Honestly I think Evermore was already considered as a part of Folklore's AOTY win. I think she also knows the benefits of laying low, I doubt she was pushing this year. A2W10TV will be nominated next year I fear!!!
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