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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Wait I am just hearing that Closure is about Karlie?
  2. I think the tea leaves have said that closure is another song for Scott Borchetta similar to my tears ricochet, but this verse of it’s time to go is rather explicitly about Ms. Kloss-Kushner
  3. Me hitting play on Gold Rush for the umpteeth time

  4. At dinner parties I call you out on your contrarian shit
    And the coastal town we wandered 'round had nevеr seen a love as pure as it
    And then it fadеs into the gray of my day old tea
    'Cause it could never be

    Is one of my favourite moments from the album!

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  5. 'I don't like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush' is one of her best lyrics, in a career of amazing lyrics.
  6. I'm enjoying the new content from the re-recordings but I am annoyed at this extensive rollout for a decade-old album while she released the album of her career (imo) less than a year ago only to basically ignore it now.
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  7. I’m high, watching the long pond sessions and I need some powerful Twitter Swiftie to get a front to back concert film for the younger sister evermore
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  8. I'm still hopeful that she'll pull through with it as a Christmas present, she obviously knows the fans want it.
  9. If it doesn’t happen around the 13th of this month then all hope is lost.

  10. evermore smashing on the year end charts despite Taylor forgetting it existed one week after release? Talent won!
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  11. I'm still hoping we'll get it for the 1 year anniversary / her birthday. If it doesn't happen by ten, I agree all hope is lost
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  12. Past the blood and bruise…
    Past the curses and cries…
    Beyond the terror in the nightfall…
    Haunted by the look in my eyes that would have loved you for a lifetime, leave it all behind…
    And there is happiness…

  13. Now you hang from my lips
    Like the Gardens of Babylon
    With your boots beneath my bed
    Forever is the sweetest con

    Is one of my favorite things she's ever written. cowboy like me had me in a headlock from the very first listen and it's just as strong today. It's a marvel of songwriting and storytelling. The way I'm immediately transported into a place and time that feels both so specifically familiar and like it exists in another world puts me in a trance every time. And it's just melody on top of melody, it's actually quite deceptive. I'm just still so obsessed with the entire story she manages to tell in four and a half minutes without it feeling sparse or like there are details missing. Every piece is perfectly placed.

    And you asked me to dance
    But I said, "dancing is a dangerous game"
    Oh, I thought
    'This is gonna be one of those things'

    Like I can see the scene play out in my mind. That whole opening segment where she's retelling the story of how the two of them met, and it's like you're walking in while she's in the middle of it with the way it begins suddenly, before it's not just her telling you anymore, but putting you in her shoes...some of her absolute finest and dare I say overlooked writing. If there's another song that needs a short film, it's this one. Quickly, blondie. I needed it a year ago but I will take it now, no questions asked.

    What a song.
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  14. Beautifully said. Thank you for putting into words why I love this song so much.

    It is my most played song of 2021 and I am not mad about it at all, it's the place it deserves
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  15. I'm sure I heard somewhere whispers that it was about a literal letter (or text perhaps) that she received from Kim. I could be wrong though.
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  16. The situation to handle line always felt like a Hiddleston/Harris thing from the fallout of those relationships to me.
  17. Taylor has been removed from Sour credits for Album Of The Year. Billboard still somehow managed to make it look like a strategy to get more evermore votes dd.

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  18. They shouldn't have been included in the nominations to begin with though. Isn't there a rule that songwriters of interpolations don't count for these kind of nominations?
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  19. Yeah, GRAMMYs kinda explained this is the reason why they've been removed after an initial mistake.
  20. I guess she didn't sell enough "I'm Feeling 2022!" merch to get that check to clear.
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