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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Still highly annoyed they went with this instead of "I'm Feeling '22", but at the same time the awkwardness of "I'm Feeling 2022" seems to track based on the way Taylor engages with anything remotely meme-like, so
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  2. A


  3. The first “what must it be like to grow up that beautiful?” is such a MOMENT. The way the strings swell! Miss Jack was in his bag!
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  4. Manifesting those frozen long pod sessions tomorrow, who’s with me?
  5. One of my favourite couplets on the album is:
    and he's passing by/rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky

    *willow gif*
  6. Well it’s over.
  7. Well the folklore long pond sessions were announced on a Tuesday, I think? Evermore's anniversary is tomorrow and Taylor's birthday on Monday. Enough for me to keep my hopes up for a little longer
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  8. Oh you sweet summer child. I think she’s forgotten about this album.
  9. Let me be a clown for 3 more days at least
  10. She did drop the lakes (original version) on a Saturday (folklore's birthday) so maybe we will get something for its birthday tomorrow? Fully prepared to put on my clown makeup.
  11. I'd be shocked if there was nothing, since folklore got a whole anniversary merch drop and the lakes original version track. And with her birthday on Monday, there's even more incentive for her to acknowledge it, especially with the Grammy nom. Blondie has been too quiet lately to let it pass this weekend
  12. Honestly if she truly has forgotten this album there is no justice.
  13. I'm not really into the direction she went in with these 2 albums... but Evermore is superior and underrated!

    Justice for It's Time To Go...
  14. After the countless Red merch drops, some of which I ordered and some which… feel like scraping the bottom of the barrel, I’m sure there will be a merch drop today.

    Anything else I’m not so sure on… And based on the folklore anniversary merch I’m not getting my hopes up that it will be nice.

    That said wouldn’t it be great if we got some alternative covers/pressings for this album to match the number of releases for folklore…
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  15. Happy Birthday to these masterpieces. What an album! I still can't believe we got so many amazing songs from her last year

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  16. Cannot believe I clowned myself! Actually I can
  17. I've accepted we'll never get a Long Pond session for Evermore, but really can't we at least get a live version of Cowboy Like Me
  18. This album is still so fucking good. It’s a shame that it never really got to have its own moment because of how soon it came after folklore and how quickly the re-recordings followed it, but it houses some of the best (and most interesting) writing of her career. It’s not even one of my highlights from the album, but even something like “closure” is so far out of the realm of what we thought we could possibly ever get from Taylor pre-2020. Whenever she tours again, I’m hoping that we get a little bit of justice for evermore in the setlist because it’s an actual crime that we still haven’t heard a single song from this album live in full.
  19. willow still being her best debut single by a country mile. A feat!
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  20. This remains my favorite Taylor album and I'm so proud of her for making it. It's so imaginative, the storytelling is phenomenal, the bit of variety it gave sonically while still having a cohesive sound...I'm so happy we have it. And it keeps revealing itself to me, there's quite a few songs I didn't love at first that are now my favorites.

    And I'm so salty it's so overshadowed.
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