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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. I was listening to the album in full today (something I had not done in a while), and I realized that even though I think evermore is better than folklore, I listen more to the latest in full, it's an easier listening I think. To listen to evermore in full I need to be in a particular mood, it's not an album that I can just have in the background while I'm doing something else. It's such a complex album, full of songs that can sound so different from each other while having in common fantastic lyrics from start to finish.
    It's a pity just how overshadowed it is. Between folklore and the re-recordings, it's like it never happened some times.

    I haven't lost my hopes yet for Taylor doing/releasing something special for it. He team never loses a chance to sell (mostly ugly) merch, and them not releasing anything today and the lack of evermore merch on her website... Let me believe that they are saving it for Monday with something else like an original version of a song, or a live video or something. I'll continue clowning until Taylor's birthday passes nn

  2. Forever the one from evermore for me.

    "And when I got into the accident
    The sight that flashed before me was your face

    But when I walked up to the podium
    I think that I forgot to say your name
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  3. I’m screaming at some of these anniversary tweets:

    Anyway! Lets all stream happiness tonight, a song that was recorded a week(!!) before the album dropped, the kind of insane detail that encapsulates everything I love about this miracle of an album.
  4. The ‘I let your body into mine every god damn night now I get fake niceties’ part of Happiness is possibly my favourite Taylor moment ever, such a great line and I love her delivery.
  5. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    This is one of maybe two albums I’ve listened to on repeat since this post. I don’t know who I was back then but I’m different now.
  6. The autumn chill that wakes me up
    You loved the amber skies so much
    Long limbs and frozen swims
    You'd always go past where our feet could touch
    And I complained the whole way there
    The car ride back and up the stairs
    I should've asked you questions
    I should've asked you how to be

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  7. I’ve listened to it non stop this weekend again. It’s the perfect Christmas album and should be rebranded as such.

    Her lyricism and storytelling is at its absolute pinnacle on this album.
  8. Nah, because the way this part destroys me every single time. A beautiful, beautiful song!
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  9. The whole album really is her quiet unassuming magnum opus for me.

    There are other albums she’s made with higher highs, but they all also dip far lower than Evermore ever does. I love the complexity in the stories woven here, how they reveal themselves over time, how it houses some of her greatest lyrics in a career full of incredible lyrics. She really did that.
  10. Urban Outfitters is teasing something.
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  11. This hit hard from the first second but after a breakup it really is quite something. It is so simple yet so poignant. The whole song is so relatable.

    There'll be happiness after you
    But there was happiness because of you
    Both of these things can be true
    There is happiness

    Oh Taylor. Keep destroying us.
  12. I think they did folklore anniversary merch so I’d imagine it’ll be the same for evermore and likely she’ll have some on her site and it’s going to be ugly.

    The only merch I want is a Lover snow globe does anyone feel my pain here?
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  13. I think our girls should go more into beautiful Christmas ornaments that are either completely trashtastic or actually beautiful,
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  14. So not to be completely morbid, but my nana passed away this morning (95 years old, complete legend). I went out to get breakfast this morning and evermore was already on my Spotify from yesterday, left off on Long Story Short which went into Marjorie…..you can imagine what that did to me. Cut to me weeping on 8th Avenue clutching my bagel
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  15. Oh God! Sending you a big hug!
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  16. I am in the (seemingly now unpopular) 'Folklore is slightly better' camp, but Evermore is so perfect for the time of year it was released. I'm definitely giving it a little more love now that it's somewhat removed from Folklore's spotlight.

    Willow, Champagne Problems, 'Tis The Damn Season, Cowboy Like Me + Marjorie are Taylor discography highlights for sure.
  17. Now you hang from my lips
    Like the Gardens of Babylon
    With your boots beneath my bed
    Forever is the sweetest con

  18. So she truly said evermore who with that ugly ass Urban Outfitters merch.
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  19. I am a huge fan of the show Dickinson. I have tied Folklore to Dickinson ( (via an Invisible String) ) in my head since it came out (mainly 'Illicit Affairs').

    , in its cottage core excellence, kinda upped the ante for feeling like it could be part of the fabric of that show when it came out.

    Tonight the Swifites & cult of Emisue finally won.

  20. You haven’t met the new me yet…
    …and i think she’ll give you that…

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