Taylor Swift - evermore

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I don't think any of the legal troubles with Speak Now and 1989 are stopping her for releasing them to be honest.

I think it definitely prevented 1989 from coming last summer. In the months after Fearless it felt like almost everything she did/said/posted was some form of hint that 1989 was next. It would have also made logical sense since it has her single biggest hit of all time, several of her other biggest and the songs have a lot of potential for use in media (I mean, look at Wildest Dreams). And then suddenly we woke up one morning to a Red announcement.

I don't want her to use the stalling of the re-recordings as an excuse to release original material though, if that is what is happening. I want her to wait for the Taylor's Version era to be over before that. Unless it is a different type of project (EP/collaboration/remix/soundtrack) I think it would be best to wait.
evermore (the song) is that hot chocolate mug in hand, staring into the sunrise, chilly morning song.

I’ve recently returned to Evermore after a few months away and it’s just as lush and magical as I remember. Every song is so rich with layer and layer of detail. The whole soundscape of the album is just so flawlessly crafted.

The lyrics effortlessly paint these rich portraits that bring everything to life. There are lines in some songs that say more about the worlds they’re building and characters within them than some authors manage to do with entire chapters.

It’s one of my favourite bodies of work to just get lost in late at night.

In a discography stacked with some of the greatest pop songs ever made*, it’s this body of work, in my opinion, that sits as her crowning achievement. How lucky we are to have it.

*…and, because you can’t have the very best without the very worst, some of the most terminally elder millennial, tumblr lurking cringe-core songs ever to haunt our universe.
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