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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. During the folklore special on Disney+ when they were discussing mad woman I think Taylor said something about how women are expected to absorb and tolerate bad behavior from men and then they get painted as the villain or the crazy one when they respond so I'm perched for another Scott/Scooter hate anthem.
  2. Nn same but for the time being I'm going to feel vindicated about the cynical claims of 'folklore only exists to get awards'/'she'll go right back to pop' being ice cold takes.

  3. Zola Jesus.
  4. See it’s shit like this where she loses me. Come. Up. With. A. New. Angle.

    Also literally no one is defending the industry itself, what the hell?
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  5. The way good sis Zola remaining steam pressed all these years after her attempt at commercial success a la Taiga flopped. Me too sis me too
  6. Is this for real? WTF
  7. I'm not saying she's entirely right, but I think it's only natural for an artist like Taylor who likes to shapeshift to be called inauthentic. I mean it's a sharp turn to go all woods nymph after releasing this so recently.

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  8. I love how her name has Jesus in it and she thinks she’s preaching to the masses
  9. Oooo yes queen I need it now. I love my tears ricochet and mad woman, make it a trilogy.
    Also, how did I not remember that nn?
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  11. People still calling Taylor fans 12 year olds when her debut album is turning 15 in 2021
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  12. I'm kind of screaming at that cursed title/video being replaced with the evermore premiere thumbnail.
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  13. Ddddd no, gatekeeping as a term definitely has a usage related to material issues. Like organizations limiting who and what can have access to the organization, thus gatekeeping who has access to the organization’s financial resources. It being abstracted into such a mean-nothing term over if it’s like valid or not to want Goofy to creampie you is probably a bad thing and not a good thing.

    The usefulness of gatekeeping as a term is that it articulated the act of denying people access to the material resources they need, even if like it’s describing something silencing certain voices in a discourse.

    I have no issue with anyone who has used it in here, for the record, but using it to describe anything about this is entirely a nonsensical application of the term.
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  14. Fair, but she's explored the sound of folklore, and some of the aesthetic in her past music before, so it's not coming from nowhere. It feels more natural coming from her then songs like Shake It Off, ME!, or You Need To Calm Down ever did.
    Okay now I feel old. I've been stanning this woman for nearly 15 years.
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  15. While it's definitely not a requirement or her responsibility (and I'm sure they were properly monetarily compensated), I do wish that Taylor had singled out and given more of a spotlight to the below the line indie musicians who contributed to make folklore what it became; whether it was the Resnicks and Rob Moose's violin contributions or James McAlister's drum programming or Thomas Bartlett's work on the synthesizer. It wouldn't have to have been more than a tweet or a playlist of similar sounding indie artists, just something to direct her massive fanbase to the works of the lesser known talent she was working with.
  16. I was discussing this with @aux , but I think she pre-emptively said "sister to folklore" was a way of being a step ahead of critics that will say "She hasn't evolved!!!1" and "Same shit again???" as I suspect it will be very sonically similar to folklore. My calculated queen. I still think it'll be great, though.
  17. There’s something so condescending about the “if you’re over twelve and feel anything positive about pop music you’re dumb lmao” narrative that really pisses me off. Like, I’m 27 and a lot of my favorite artists have been a part of my life from extremely early ages - what the fuck difference does it make if those artists are Madonna or Lady Gaga rather than Bright Eyes or Daniel Johnston (both of whom I also happen to like, but you get my point). If anything, pop music was my conduit to indie music.
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  18. Those same people probably listen to Ed Sheeran because his music is "timeless."
  19. Also you can scoff at 'cosplaying indie' all you want it is clumsy wording, but this is Taylor who makes sure there are 13 shadows on a fence or whatever when tweeting out pics. She is meticulous about how she comes off (which I think is mostly a good thing) but when things are so dire for small scale artists I think it's totally valid to be frustrated when a major artist explores the same visuals with endless resources as an 'indie act' not matter how authentic. It's not just a coincidence that Taylor's visuals are similar to an artist like Waxahatchee. Zola didn't just pull that out of thin air.


  20. But you...literally called out Taylor. And said that she was "cosplaying indie" as if it's inauthentic. Muffy sis the backtracking
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