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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Okay, people mentioned Taylor “played the game” and I just want to reflectively say that it was the confessional, tabloid fodder songwriting that really boosted her celebrity and profile in the machine. Otherwise, I don’t see people caring as much about mythological Betty, Inez or James when it’s the clickbait “Who’s Taylor dating now?” that gives you free promo and word of mouth.

    It’s just now that she has a lot of power (and honestly, that a lot of her fans are grown up now) that people are paying attention, anyway. It’s very nice to hear from her though that she found this outlet to kind of still expressing her emotions, while putting up some kind of veil that allows her personal life a bit more privacy.

    I suspect a lot of these emotions are still things she genuinely feels the same way we watch fictional movies and it strikes a very real chord from our own experiences. But, she’s now able to “unload” them into different scenarios and characters without continuously exploiting her own narrative and still being able to tune them up to a melodramatic 100, which arguably is very much needed in writing the music she does. I’m so happy she was able to reach this point as an artist and I’m so excited at what’s to come.
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  2. The “I-i” in the chorus of tolerate it is absolutely divine. Her vocals have never been more beautiful than that moment.
  3. Ivy's chorus is one of her all-time best. Writing a good chorus melody has been one of her core strengths since the beginning and even when it's more lowkey, she really knows how to get something stuck in your head.

    Oh, goddamn
    My pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand
    Taking mine, but it's been promised to another
    Oh, I can't
    Stop you putting roots in my dreamland
    My house of stone, your ivy grows
    And now I'm covered

  4. I fell asleep with the chorus of tolerate it stuck in my head, and woke up with the first verse of happiness on my mind. I love how this album slowly but surely unfolds and let me into its world.
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  5. It’s December 13th which means it’s Taylor’s 31st birthday so naturally she had a surprise up her sleeve.
  6. Oh I love this. Drop the limited 7” vinyl, queen
  7. Maybe it's the wine but I think I'm hearing sumn on this remix...
  8. Great interview so far and I can't wait for the full thing. I love how she really didn't realize how well writing from other people's perspectives would work. I re-watched Miss Americana recently and with her talking about how much seeking approval from others was ingrained in her, I wonder if she was just scared for a long time to step outside of what she knew people liked from her, which was confessional songs. And don't get me wrong, those are obviously fantastic and she nails them like very few others can, but I'm glad she took the leap and learned that she can write songs just as strong that aren't about specific situations in her own life. And she can put them on an album mixed with songs about her own life, so people aren't immediately listening to make judgements on her personal life.
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  9. SMG


    marjorie, phew.
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  10. The way this song sits so well on top of this thumping beat, as well as its original production.

    Give us the full dancing witch compilation Queen!
  11. The what version?
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  12. I’m so grateful for these two albums.

    I never would’ve imagined that Taylor would be the one delivering them to us.

    It’s a complete artistic rebirth.
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  13. Shuffling folklore and evermore together this weekend has been such an experience. The melodies, the harmonies, the lyrics, the stories... she really did that and I wouldn't be mad (oh, at all) if she dropped another one on our laps in a couple of months.
  14. It’s interesting hearing calls that this is a “rebirth” when I personally keep thinking about how much different songs here recall and expand upon the sounds and songs she’s done before. I want to say for that reason it’s not all that “new” feeling, but rather a mature, refined, guileless collection from the woman who gave us those first 4 albums. BUT “rebirth” might be a good word - it’s like circling back to that start again.

    I get light shades of the Debut on Dorothea, Speak Now on Ivy, Red across the board... it feels like coming home as a fan. Folklore and this ARE so similar (that people claiming to not like one of the two is just...silly), but where Folklore is the blockbuster sister that pushed into new, fertile ground, planting vital seeds of creative growth, this is the sister that’s using that ground to tend to the plants already there. If that makes sense.

    My initial reaction on Friday was a little muted and it has grown on me over time (though I still thought it was lovely on first listen). It’s a relatively quiet album that doesn’t make much a fuss. I’ve read some reactions on here to songs that are clearly deeply personal and I don’t really share, and then not seen reactions to songs that hit me deeper. Marjorie is nice but doesn’t hit me emotionally particularly (but I lost my only two grandparents when I was still young). Whereas Epiphany hit me hard and made me think of my sister, a former member of the armed forces who is retraining as a Physiotherapist and constantly in the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    That we can all find something of our own experiences in her work on these two albums... that’s lovely.
  15. I'm listening to Lover (I'm unwell) and the discourse around it being the last hurrah of her 20s feels so right. I didn't think she'd be just 31 and already seeing that fully realised in her discography, but it somehow really works as the final chapter of the "pop Taylor" trilogy, a bridge between that sound and something different although we weren't to know what that something was but there were little glimpses of it on the album. Did she course correct way too hard on some songs and take it to a place it never needed to go? Yes. But the majority of the album is solid if more than a little tired.

    In conclusion TL/DR; I've made peace with Lover now that enough time and songs have passed to allow me to romanticise it ddd
  16. Spring breaks loose, but so does fear
    He's gonna burn this house to the ground
    How's one to know?
    I'd live and die for moments that we stole
    On begged and borrowed time

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  17. So can we all agree that she created her best bridge on Tolerate It?

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