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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. #Heartbreakinglyrics
    Who knows the font used in the lyric videos ?
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  2. Oh I totally agree! But when I mentioned evermore I meant to say the album, not the song.
    exile is my dream performance, closely followed by august, but now that she has released another album, I wonder if she will choose to perform a song from the nominated álbum or from the new one
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  3. If she actually drops these re-recordings this year... I mean it’s not possible 6 albums and presumably all the bonus/soundtrack stuff?

    I wonder how the duets/features will be handled?

    I’m putting this out into the world now but please Taylor remove Ed from your discography and Record The Last Time with Justin. This is my seed to harvest.
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  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I feel like the Grammy performance will end up being Epiphany.
  5. The Last Time is perfect as is though.
  6. True but she’s going to re-record it anyway so may as well give us some variety.
  7. If she’s going to do anything with the duets on the re-recordings...bring in some female voices and actually give them space on the songs sis.

  8. She's released the demo version of willow too.

    Dddd she is the worst and I hate her sometimes
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  9. I can't get this lack of physical items ! For folklore we got 17 different editions of the album and 2 cd singles (one with 1 single track! Yes, take our money, Taylor!!!!). For evermore, just one cd, once cassette (oh please !!!) and one deluxe vinyl.
    All those willow versions should make a great cd single !
    willow - dancing witch version (Elvira remix)
    willow - lonely witch version
    willow - moonlit witch version
    willow original songwriting demo
    willow instrumental version
  10. coney island is hitting the right spot as I have a beer after work tonight
  11. Came home to my roommate's boyfriend trying to tell me that Jack Harlow and Kid Cudi's new albums are so much better than evermore and they're "ahead of their time".

    It was literally...

    I just want to eat my food, I hate straight boys.
  12. I love that I can wake up in the morning now and ask myself if I’m a dancing witch or a lonely witch today, and when the sun goes down at 4:30pm I come into my final form - the moonlit witch.

    Seriously though, the dancing witch version is the only one I really have a use for. The others are nice but don’t differ enough from the original to make them worth having in my library. The song itself has grown on me a lot since release, it’s a deceptive little opener for the devastation that follows it.
  13. It’s nice of her to be releasing all these alternate versions for a song that’s worth it.
  14. I believe that's because folklore came out before Billboard's rule change on sales went into effect
  15. @drewsky how many editions can be released now ?
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  16. What's Westerlee/Westerly? One of her homes? She says this at the beginning of the new willow demo.
  17. They can release as many as they want they just actually have to ship on release day and seeing as this type of “surprise” release means that any physical formats won’t be ready for weeks/months. Hence why she hasn’t done it for this release.
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  18. Kid Cudi’s album is great, but it’s very much a hip hop record in 2020. folklore and evermore will be timeless.

    If they want to hear ahead of its time, make them listen to Bionic instead.

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  19. Keep streaming Willow and all its witchy versions.
  20. Taylor really said Alyson Hannigan rights with this one
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