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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. The way she released a string of songs over the past year that made me lose hope in her, then to actually release a decent album...we love a plot twist!
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  2. rdp


    In other words
  3. Stream Torn by Ava Max.
  4. I love how she surprised released this but I wish it didn't annoy me that she chose to do it the same day as Kanye's
  5. To be fair, when is the last time Kanye has actually dropped an album on time? Dropping an album on the day that he was supposed to is actually a pretty surefire way to make sure that you avoid conflicting releases with him.
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  6. She released last week to maximize on the existing Billboard chart rules before they're changed over next week. I know she's got a bit of a history for this stuff (her catalogue going on streaming as Witness was released ddd) but I think her mind went towards the sales figures before they went to Kanye.
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  7. Now I know I have more time for Lover than most but I've had two coworkers come up to me since Friday last week to say they prefer it to folklore.

  8. Is that really surprising? Lover and folklore provide very different soundscapes, and if you're not here for indie minimalism, Lover makes more sense. I completely understand.

    No jokes about quality, please. I know y'all hate the album.
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  9. You five seconds later, already halfway through updating your resume:

  10. Fff honey I'm HR, more like me putting together severance packages for both of them

  11. Just ordered my 12” cardigan vinyl so hopefully it’ll arrive by 2021.

    I didn’t buy the ME! for obvious reasons but I felt I wanted to this done.

    * Katy clown nose*
  12. You're right. She realised her stans needed 17 physical copies of the same album and said ''you collectors are in a crisis, I'm on my way!''
  13. I'm drunk but I'm going to post again to say I love this stupid forum for how quickly we gather each other when necessary xoxo
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  14. Sir, this is a folklore thread.
  15. This is actually kind of sad, but "the 1" is the longest running #1 on Apple Music for a woman this year at...4 days. Before this, it was "Savage Remix w/Beyoncé" at 3 days.
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  16. Let me liiiiiiive!
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  17. "August" is just so lush and sultry, I swear I can feel a warm breeze blowing around me every time I listen to it.
  18. Yup just cried to Epiphany
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  19. Have never been a huge Taylor fan but really connected with “False God” and “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” so was intrigued she was going for a downbeat affair, despite the awful on-the-nose title here.

    But I have yet to be able to get through the full album in one go. By the time I get to “august” I’m looking to listen to just about anything else. I do think “cardigan” is pretty fantastic, and like “this is me trying” as its production stands out from just about everything else.

    I realize I am out of step with... everyone here and critically it seems, so will continue to give it a chance.
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