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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. OspreyQueen

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    I ain't reading through all 123 pages of this thread, so is it an unpopular opinion that Mad Woman has emerged as my favourite song on the album? I've always enjoyed her petty passive-aggressive songs more than most, and it's really interesting to hear her expand that theme beyond radio-friendly pop hits. It really gets to the heart of how enraging it is when people intentionally treat you like shit, and then have the nerve to act surprised when you respond in the exact way that they could have predicted.

  2. Looks like releasing the CDs early in the UK paid off, love my stunt queen.
  3. There are literally no bad songs here, all choices are valid!
  4. The 1 is hitting a little tew hard this morning.

  5. 2nd week at #1 in the US secured as well. Hopefully she can get a third week with the physicals out in stores today, biggest challenger will probably be Luke Bryan who released last night (it looks like his last album did ~110K first week).
  6. This is fantastic, a really interesting read and great reading all the little details you’ve noticed
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Do it for her HMV!!1
  8. When those "ooh" harmonies kick in after the first chorus? Literally

  9. So ladies, when do we get to call this another imperial phase?

    After 2 weeks with this album I’m certain it’s one of her best bodies of work. Beware, there’s a LIST ahead.

    1. 1989
    2. Red
    3. Folklore
    4. Speak Now
    5. Reputation
    6. Lover
    7. Fearless
    8. Debut

    No shade to her first two albums, I just always drop them last because I rarely revisit them and there are a lot of tracks on them that just don’t connect with me.
  10. @Babyface does the physical album have to ship to me before it is counted on the charts because I've just received an email from the store saying that they're gonna ship the album to me anyways and I won't have to pay for the extra shipment which okay sure thanks but.
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  11. If you redeemed the digital copy that came with your confirmation email then your purchase counted for the charts when you downloaded the album. If you didn’t, then it counts for the charts this week since they’re shipping it now.
  12. I downloaded the album this week too so like, thanks I guess Taylor? nn
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  13. Taylor sending in that copyright claim the minute she was done nearly choking on her wine.
  14. Just popping in to say that I have spent the last two hours knitting whilst listening to seven on repeat and I have fucking ascended to a higher state of being. I feel like I live in the song.

    Would highly recommend.
  15. I'm still not over the piano that slowly, progressively descends throughout The 1. It's as if the song starts out with a glimmer of hope, but eventually ends in acceptance and resignation.
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  16. Listening to some old unreleased songs and wow.....sometimes I forget how much her voice has improved over the years dd.
  17. Taylor's intern when she asks for an update on how the cardigans to send out to celebrity stans to share on social media are coming along:
  18. I guess Justin Vernon's heartbeat in Peace is a sample of this?
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  19. Wig!
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