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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. Nice to see love for seven, by far my favorite song on the album, I find myself listening to this for almost an hour straight, so much emotion, it's beautiful
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  2. Nn if the songs are meant to fit together why not just sequence them together on the album.
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  3. Whew a mess of an era!

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  4. I can't believe it's only been 1 year since Lover dropped when it feels like I've aged at least 50 in that span.

    A series of moments most pleasing to me in her career.
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  5. RJF


    Lover was... so pointless.
  6. Not when It's Nice To Have Ten Grammys walked so that folklore could run.

    Church bells ring, carry me home
    Rice on the ground looks like snow
    Call my bluff, call you "Babe"
    Have my back, yeah, every day
    Feels like home, stay in bed
    The whole weekend
    It's nice to have a friend

  7. Lover was (sort of) worth it for The Archer, It’s Nice To Have A Friend, Soon You’ll Get Better, and False God.

    Throw Cruel Summer, the title track, I Forgot How To Be A Human and The Man on there and you have a cute lil EP moment
  8. I still think the video for the title track is one of her best. Probably the only point in the era where the aesthetics weren't a complete train wreck.

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  9. We do love the one good song on Lover!
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  10. Miss Americana & Heartbreak Prince
    I Think He Knows
    Cruel Summer
    Cornelia Street
    Death By Thousand Cuts
    Soon You'll Get Better
    False God
    It is Nice to Have a Friend

    is a pretty nice record.
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  11. Lover is... not my favorite Taylor album, but it’s cute (it already feels less important/significant than Folklore!).

    I will say this: I’m really happy It’s Nice to Have a Friend served as groundwork for Folklore & it’s received some attention & praise after the fact as a result.

    Also, The Archer is one of her BEST songs, believe it or not. False God & Afterglow are delicious hints of what an adult R&B Taylor album would be like, & I’m still here for it. Lastly, the title track, I Think He Knows, Paper Rings, & Death By a Thousand Cuts are very nice. I also have a weird soft spot for the bop that is London Boy.

    The rest... not her best. I Forgot That You Existed (which lives up to its title) & Cruel Summer serve as the weakest album openers in her discography. dddd. Miss Americana & Soon You’ll Be Better aren’t bad songs, but they don’t fit here. The Man is awkwardly tepid.

    And of course, we can’t forget the first two singles, which are two of the worst things she’s ever released.

    Long story short, there’s a great album surrounded by a lot of fluff. It’s a mixed bag overall, in that it feels like an album where she just threw a bunch of songs together & called it a day (the sequencing reflects this, too) - but I’m happy she utilized the best of it as inspiration for Folklore.

    Top 5: The Archer, It’s Nice to Have a Friend, False God, Afterglow, Lover.

    Bottom 5: ME!, You Need to Calm Down, Cruel Summer, I Forgot That You Existed, The Man.
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  12. aux


    For me, Lover is definitely in the lower tier of her discography. As an entire package, Lover is a serviceable pop album, but it's far too stuffed for its own good. As everyone has pointed out, the highs of the album are career highlights but the lows of it are abysmal. If anything, Lover proved that Taylor's endeavour with synth-pop had been milked to the last drop. I'm really thankful that she seems to feel this way too, considering the much-welcomed shift towards alternative pop with folklore. That said, Lover was worth it solely for the title track, "Cornelia Street", "False God", "Death By A Thousand Cuts", "Soon You'll Get Better" and "It's Nice To Have A Friend".

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  13. Yeah, once you cut 3/4 of the singles + I Forgot That You Existed, the album is pretty solid (I know some of the girls will go for London Boy and Paper Rings too but y'all can stay mad). Not her best, but It's Nice to have a Friend & Death by a Thousand Cuts alone justify its existence.
  14. I’m not sure why lots of people on here still tip toe around Lover being a good album? I mean it was represented appallingly by the choice of singles but we’ve all heard the rest, and the unequivocal high points in her discography like Cornelia Street, Soon You’ll Get Better and Death by a Thousand Cuts.
  15. I'm so happy to see that she's succeding with sales with this album, such a triumph.
  16. Another 100k week and the first album by a female artist to spend its first four weeks at #1 since 25? I love this song.
    Credit to my creative director @aux for this gif xx.
  17. I still haven’t listened properly, must get around to it!
  18. Never got the hate for Lover... Sure Me! Is trash but no more so than Shake It Off was.
    Daylight, Afterglow, Cruel Summer, Soon You'll Get Better, Lover, Death By A Thousand Cuts and Cornelia Street are some of the best songs shes put out, but then that’s my opinion I guess.
    The only song I don’t like is It’s Nice To Have A Friend and I could probably do without London Boy. The Archer is good but builds to nothing, if it went somewhere it would be one of the best on the album.
  19. Medic! She doesn't have a pulse!

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