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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Oh God... that look is certainly a choice.
  2. That outfit is... well...

    I'm glad to see her.
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  3. Yeah I haven't ever been a big fan of the messy bangs ever since the rep era when she started rocking them off and on. Run them through a flat iron sis!
  4. Betty shouldn't have trusted Inez to do her styling tonight.
  5. No negativity in this thread tonight we’re getting the first performance of the folklore era and we’re all gonna have fun and stan her TJ Maxx couture lewk ok thanks xx.
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  6. The truth
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  7. Y'all really thought she was going to put effort into her look where most of the people showing up look like they got caught in the middle of doing some farm work?

    Edit: Wait, I just saw two dudes wearing tuxes.
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  8. She looks cute. Her outfit looks very... apt for ACM.
    This is tea. She did I Did Something Bad on the piano and it was infinitely more of a vibe than the cheap-sounding warble effect they did on her vocals to make those sounds on the song.

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  9. She absolutely nailed that performance. Her vocal was maybe even better than the record??
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  10. Haven't been watching the show but it was a nice little stripped back performance. Vocals were great. She didn't change her outfit which I was hoping she would but it didn't look too bad.
  11. That was a really nice performance! She sounded great, it was all very simple but I really liked it.
    Damn, I had missed her.
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  12. I was thinking the same, it was genuinely an improvement over the recorded version.

    Taylor and just a guitar is kinda untouchable, tbh.
  13. Also not UMG taking down my shitty instagram story (recording a crappy stream on my computer while singing very loudly over it).

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  14. The performance was great. It was her & her guitar and one of her band members playing the harmonica. Vocals were perfect and you can tell she was having fun with it.
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  15. That image...
  16. I also want to add that I couldn't look away from her face. She is so expressive, and she transmits so much emotion while singing, that honestly, just her and her guitar are enough.
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  17. Why is the live performance emotional?
  18. She needs to do a live stream of this whole album acoustic and some singles and deep cuts and chuck it out before Christmas please mom!
  19. tea


    An acoustic outdoor livestream concert of the entire album is a great idea.
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