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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. I need a new Immy album first.
  3. Are some of you forgetting about this masterpiece & the absolute best thing on 1989? Clearly!

  4. We’re remembering how it never lead anywhere else, sure.
  5. I still can’t believe my album of 2020 was a Taylor Swift album. Folklore is just stunning.

    I hope she takes what she sewed here and makes the next LP a 12 track event. I want a full narrative, plot, music 4 moodz, characters and strings. I need her to pull that off.

    Folklore had a gorgeous underlying theme but I want her to write me a story to music and serenade me!
  6. Real missed opportunity to promote folklore with a lead role in an A24 horror movie
  7. My "in the weeds" vinyl came today. The color looks exactly like the mockup on her website, which makes me happy.
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  8. If this is unpopular it absolutely shouldn't be. This would be heavenly.
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  9. The Target exclusive vinyl is out today and it looks like the standard variant is now making its way to record stores (at least internationally)
  10. Every day this album just continues to surprise me. I’ve always said her songwriting was great, but on folklore she really outdid herself.
  11. Finally some good songs on Confetti.
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  12. *screaming*

    Spot the lie, though.
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  13. The whole folklore cover was printed on there dd Didn't notice it at first glance.
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  14. Be worth a fortune, so who's won?
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  15. Rem


    I know that's right!
  16. I broke up with my boyfriend last night and haven't played anything except Folklore and Punisher. August has been killing me in particular, I haven't managed to go through a single first bridge without breaking down.
  17. Sending some love your way!
  18. ‘Chase two girls, lose The One’ is such a fucking great lyric - I need folklore for dominate the Grammy nominations on Tuesday. I’d be perfectly happy if she bagged AOTY/
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