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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. aux


    Taylor after posting that and seeing all her stans go berserk trying to figure out what she's cooking.

  2. The Taylor Swift reddit is losing its damn mind

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  3. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]

    Hoax is one of my favorite Taylor songs now. The way this record conquered me as a swiftie
  6. I saw some swifties on my Instagram speculating Exile music video tonight at the AMAs
  7. The soft drone in Mirrorball kills me every time. I'd die for shoegaze Taylor, but if this is as close as we get, I'm thrilled.
  8. Yeah, I saw some Tumblr swifties also talking about Exile, both the video and a possible performance maybe?

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  9. I’ve always thought that Vanessa was a much stronger songwriter than Taylor, especially because she abandoned the bright-eyed, late teenage approach to love and life almost straight away (and even when she indulged in it, it was always tinged with much more despondency, e.g. “White Houses”). In comparison, Taylor seemed to have been permanently stuck in that mode, even up to Lover. But folklore is really a step towards the maturity Vanessa has been operating at for a long time; maturity not just in the topics, but the sense that you don’t always have to be the focal point of how you experience life; that you can extend your gaze towards other people and other experiences, at no cost to yourself. And to match that too with an approach to production that works on producing atmosphere foremost, as opposed to just hammering the melodies. Songs like “mirrorball”, “hoax” or “this is me trying” could fit on Rabbits or Liberman with just a few tweaks. It’s kinda really lovely to see.
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  10. Taylor really is operating at a new level with this album. I still defend Lover as being good but the duds on that album sound even worse knowing what a 30 year old Taylor Swift is capable of.
  11. Whew at Taylor dominating from 9:15 with a world premiere performance of the first half of folklore, winning favorite duo with Justin for exile at 9:55, continuing performing the middle half of the album from 10:05 until 10:35 when she wins artist of the year, followed by a victory lap of betty through the lakes to close the night!
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  12. Yeah, I revisited Lover a couple weeks ago after listening to folklore & I was... shocked... at the difference in quality on a lot of it. Don't get me wrong, Lover has some career highlights (The Archer (yeahisaidit.mp3), False God, Afterglow, It's Nice to Have a Friend, the title track), but other than that...
  13. Even before it was released you knew Lover was Taylor’s way of doing damage control from the reputation era and all that came with it. Even if she played up to the bad girl persona, she never really committed to the bit because that just isn’t her. In the same way Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted was a hard reset from My December, Lover (pastel colours and glitter included) felt like Taylor trying to course correct after reputation, but with diminishing returns.

    I really enjoyed Lover as an album and I have great memories associated with it, but fuck me folklore just exists on an entirely different plane and feels like the PROPER return to form Taylor was hoping to demonstrate with Lover.

    EDIT: I will say that despite how much Lover gets dogged on, the latter half of the album really gave us a glimpse into what was to come - False God, Afterglow, It’s Nice To Have A Friend immediately spring to mind - and I’m so glad she took cues from those tracks and gave us a literal masterpiece a year later.
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  14. Cruel Summer, Daylight, Cornelia Street, Death By a Thousand Cuts, Soon You’ll Get Better. All career highs.

  15. dddddd I still hate Cruel Summer. I think it's ridiculously overrated.

    Hoping the good sis performs Epiphany tonight!
  16. It must have really helped that she worked with Aaron, a producer she obviously respects and admires. Imagine her or Jack showing up to a zoom session with another ME! or London Boy.
  17. Agreed. If she does something more Pop again I’m fine with it as long as it showcases her strength as a songwriter, but she better permanently throw out the “how would this sound on radio” approach bc that is what led to ME!SS.

    That said, I really do hope she uses this album as a launch board to spring off of, genre wise. Or maybe adds a bit of a rock element to the singer/songwriter vibe, like State of Grace and Holy Ground.
  18. The last few days I've been on a Betty + (permanent) Illicit Affairs binge & now I'm wanting a hushed, twinkly acoustic Taylor album in addition to my ambient/dream pop Taylor album & shoegaze-lite rock Taylor album ddddd. She's really done a number on me lately.
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  19. There's basically three different sonic routes I'd like her to take from here; living out her best Mazzy Star Fantasy on a dream-pop album, a Springsteen/U2 inspired rock album with hints of current indie pop/rock acts like Soccer Mommy and Clairo, or a full-on orchestral chamber folk/pop album inspired by "seven", Laura Marling and Julia Holter.
  20. YES I’m here for all of this so much. I could especially see the U2/Springsteen thing happening if she keeps Jack around, and I hope she does.
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