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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Every day this album just continues to surprise me. I’ve always said her songwriting was great, but on folklore she really outdid herself.
  2. Finally some good songs on Confetti.
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  3. *screaming*

    Spot the lie, though.
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  4. The whole folklore cover was printed on there dd Didn't notice it at first glance.
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  5. Be worth a fortune, so who's won?
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  6. Rem


    I know that's right!
  7. I broke up with my boyfriend last night and haven't played anything except Folklore and Punisher. August has been killing me in particular, I haven't managed to go through a single first bridge without breaking down.
  8. Sending some love your way!
  9. ‘Chase two girls, lose The One’ is such a fucking great lyric - I need folklore for dominate the Grammy nominations on Tuesday. I’d be perfectly happy if she bagged AOTY/
  10. Folklore got me through a difficult time with someone a few months back too, the way these songs took over my life, ugh.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  11. I'm still so gooped at

    "Passed down like folk songs
    The love lasts so long

    It's such a perfect, little centerpiece for the whole album and I'd like to think Taylor as a songwriter. Love can come and go so fast you wonder if it even existed. Threading it so delicately into your art immortalizes it and in some ways, helps you unpack that it really was love in the first place... and that allows it to stay with you, even as people and situations in your life change.
  12. Wait @ my stupid ass not clocking the double meaning here. Her mind.
  13. It only clicked with me the other day! That’s what I mean when I said this album continues to surprise me. Every song is still blossoming even now. Ugh, her mind!
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  14. I don’t get it?

    But the « remember the place where you first met me » from Getaway Car only clicked with me a week ago so don’t mind me.
  15. She really thinks we're gonna fall for that again, huh?

  16. I think that's the joke
  17. Haha no, I got that!

    But still, I’m sure I can see some hidden messages on her socks - Swifties unite!!
  18. The picture being black & white makes me believe that this is Folklore related rather than the re-recordings. I'm so used to giving etc.
  19. folklore and Rabbits on the Run by Vanessa Carlton are both perfect pop companion albums and I'm so pleased we have them both.
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