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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  2. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii

    want you to knooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww

    I'm a mirrorbaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaallllllll

  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Finally finished watching folklore: the long pond studio sessions and I didn't think it was possible for the album to be better but these sessions definitely proved me wrong. I guess what made the album even better was hearing the songs' exact meanings and histories directly from Taylor's and her closest collaborators' mouths and not from a Tumblr post or something. I've always loved Taylor as an interviewee because she speaks so eloquently and passionately so I was a bit sad when she stopped giving interviews during the reputation era. I'm so glad she's ready to speak now and she definitely spoke about these songs beautifully.

    My favourite performances have to be mirrorball, august and exile. mirrorball because I honestly didn't think it would work. I felt like the production of the album version of the song would be so hard to mimic. But they didn't totally mimic it and instead we essentially got a different production of the song which is great. august because it was the song that I anticipated the most and it fully delivered. Seeing Jack give it his all with his guitar playing was a bonus too. And exile because it made me see the true greatness of the song. I thought exile was good but a little overrated around these parts but that performance was an eye-opener. Bon Iver is king.

    As to the explanations of the songs, I think I loved the explanations to mirrorball, august, peace and this is me trying the most. mirrorball and this is me trying being lyrically connected was something I didn't catch before but now it has become so clear. august's explanation was beautiful as well and I love that Taylor gave "the other woman" a name. I stan Augusta/Augustine. And peace was just... an assault to the heart. When Aaron spoke about his depression and how he interpreted the song, my heart sank for him (and for me). That is exactly my relationship with the song too and he worded it so well. I want to give a shoutout to hoax as well. I'm glad Taylor mentioned the "don't want no other shade of blue but you, no other sadness in the world would do" lyrics because it's my favourite line of the whole album.

    The long pond studio sessions not only made me fall even more in love with Taylor and folklore but with Aaron and Jack as well. I think they are Taylor's best collaborators so far and I would be praying that they'd be back for the next album (and the album after that).
  4. All You Had To Do Was Stay and State Of Grace are fucking perfect
  5. Dear John is equally perfect and I will not hear a single bad word against that song.

    If you don’t get Dear John, listen again. In fact, the mood and sound of Dear John is not a million miles away from Folklore tbqh.
  6. and then they should go watch the tour performance to really get the sucker punch
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  7. And this was the moment I cried. A stunning, powerful version of an already brilliant song.
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  8. Don’t be shy, make it a single.
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    My favourite part of the special was her acknowledging that before folklore, she was feeling lyrically confined because she felt like everything had to be 100% autobiographical/a response to what tabloids were saying/etc. And then she realized she could write about other people's experiences, and that opened up a whole new world for her to write about. That was really fulfilling to hear, especially for someone like me who's had a major issue with her lyrics for a while now.
  10. folklore is up 37 places on the UK Albums chart currently sitting cute at Number 4 - maybe this country isn’t full of fucking idiots after all!
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  11. The film really opened my mind to how her lyrics are operating on like, three different levels of meaning at any given time. Her mind.
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  12. Another reason I’m so glad we have these performances/different versions... the album was announced and came out right when I was going through Covid. My case was thankfully extremely minor, but having to isolate, living alone...it made my already bad anxiety even worse (which I think is a really overlooked side effect for a lot of people who get covid). This album coming out then helped tremendously, but it’s something I’ve had to try and shed from it since I’ve recovered. For a while, listening to it brought me back to that state of anxiety, which was rough. But I’ve gradually gotten there, and these new performances have also really helped bring this music outside of that time for me.
  13. Sorry you went through that - and so pleased that your connotations with this album are changing now. I can definitely relate- there are still songs and albums I can't listen to now after being so heavily linked to traumatic events in my life from years ago.
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  14. Thank you very much! Yeah I’m thankfully pretty much at the point where I can listen peacefully and not be reminded of what was happening when it came out. It’s wild how a single event or something you’re going through can attach itself to a song like that for so long.
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  15. I've just spent the afternoon watching folklore: the long pond studio sessions, and it was truly fantastic. Hearing her chat about the songs & lyrics and where her mind was when writing was fascinating. I wish the guys had maybe done some backing vocals on some of the songs to bring a little more to them, but really it was superb overall. This album is just a pure masterpiece, and honestly I wouldn't be mad if she never went back to the big pop productions and just worked with Jack and Aaron forever making more wistful, indie pop records like this.
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  16. It really is wild and for me one of the best and worst things about music- depending on the situation/event it attaches itself too. Take care.
  17. The whole of folklore could've been the perfect, natural successor to blank space and that is high praise indeed.
  18. Now I'm just imagining a version of folklore with Max Martin singles. My tears ricochet followed by Shake It Off? Blank Space before mad woman? Red would seem sonically coherent in comparison.
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