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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. How serendipitous...
  2. Is it likely she’ll redo each photoshoot? That’s a lot of time. Is it possible she could have those already done, was there anything stopping that?
  3. Photoshoots like the debut, Red and 1989 don't seem like they'd be too difficult. But the ones for Fearless and Speak Now where she did different sets for each song on the album do seem like a good bit of work.
  4. I need a 1989 style everything else !
  5. I would like the new artwork to acknowledge the originals' concept, but not a direct re-creation.
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  6. I hope she does a consistent treatment for each one. I keep picturing something minimal that references the original artwork, but ties together all of the re-recordings.
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  7. This sounds identical, but miles better at the same time. Her mind.
  8. I'm so looking forward to the re recordings

    Do you think that's Nathan Chapman doing background vocals?
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  9. I’m excited that she’s doing the re-recordings at a time in her life where she might just be at her creative & vocal peak (no shade). Listening back to some of the earlier material (which I honestly rarely do), her vocals are cute but weak. It’ll be great to hear some of the classics with stronger vocals.
  10. Not me tearing up over damn Love Story in 2020. Just from the little clip, her voice sounds so much stronger. One of the biggest things holding me back from re-listening to a lot of her pre Speak Now stuff is her vocals, so I couldn’t be more excited for this.
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  11. If she doesn’t stick the ten minute version of All Too Well on the Red re-recording as a bonus track....

  12. I'm picturing something like Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, teebz.
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  13. Sam


    So it turns out I just needed to wait for dark afternoons and bare branches to appreciate this record, huh?

    Set me a place at the table ladies x
  14. The way I know she's going to release the re-recordings on Christmas and my bank account will be -$13.13 after buying it.
  15. I wonder would she release the first 2 albums on her birthday.

    I love how much stronger her voice is in the clip of Love Story. Even her tone is nicer.
  16. I'd love something clean like the 1975 singles this year. Photograph (original album cover or something similar) with a unifying and plain graphic element across them.
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  17. I feel like she's probably going to do the singles as close as possible to the original versions (she wants to use those for licensing obviously), and then the "surprises" will be mainly for the album tracks.
  18. I actually think she'll do the complete whole albums as faithful to the originals as possible and then have some surprises as bonus tracks / second 'disc'.
  19. When was there a marked shift in improvement of her vocals? I remember being fairly impressed by her consistency starting just around Reputation era.
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  20. The first time I noticed how fantastic she could sound was on the studio recording of State of Grace.
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