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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. She doesn’t have a very powerful voice or the most versatile, but I feel like she’s a really good singer now regardless. I feel like as times passed I’ve started to appreciate that she actually has a really sweet (and distinctive!) sounding voice and uses it in the right way.
    The Cornelia Street Live performance vocal blew me away. I’ve really started to love her as an artist over the last few years.
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  2. The stompery!
  3. All You Had To Do Was Stay.
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  5. The clown in me wants to believe that Taylor being so active on social media and posting about how much her and Jack love august twice after she had been silent for so long means something is going to happen.
  6. Drank a bottle of white wine for a change (which Cougar Town considered 'thinking' wine) and just finished listening to the deluxe Disney plus unplugged version. I'm so emotional right now because it's even better than the original. The subtle and not so subtle differences. It's actually vastly superior which I didn't think was even possible. Sadly to quote her bestie Selena but justified in this case; she did it again!
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  7. This was always going to be the case. Why would TV/film want to sync a 2020 Gothic Woman of the Woods Hymn Remix of Love Story and not the actual Love Story?

    Nearly everything is going to be identical. Thankfully! dddd. No one needs a Bon Iver'd version of The Story Of Us.
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  8. Taylor Swift using "it's the ___ for me" makes me a very unique brand of uncomfortable
  9. If she'd carried on the route of Reputation/Lover, this would've been a song title on her current/next album.
  10. i mean...don't speak for other people here.
  11. Yeah, when she mentioned that she has ‘plenty of surprises’ in store with the re-recordings I feel like she either meant the inclusion of songs originally written for her past albums that she ended up giving away (Better Man, Babe) or alternate versions of a few songs (10 minute All Too Well, Love Story 1989) in addition to the regular re-recordings. We’ll see.
  12. I love how much she's been stanning August lately for some reason. It just feels right. August is so good.
  13. Subwaykid

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    I'm all but banking on the 10 minute All Too Well making it. It's Taylor Swift, she wouldn't refer to it on a random Rolling Stone interview if she wasn't planning something.
  14. It's the actual best. After hearing the unplugged version this evening it has elevated even more.

    It's in a hemisphere of its own.
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  15. Okay but what about a Bon Iver version of This Love.

  16. the way august opens with the strings WASHING over you is so iconic
  17. So Cranberries inspired. Just pure perfection.
  18. Fuck an All Too Well* give me a ten minute version of State of Grace acoustic please

    *Editor's note: I am being facetious don't kill me Swifties
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