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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. I also can't wait to see where Mumford & Sons is involved (or maybe just Marcus). It's not like she got them only to record an identical-to-the-original instrumental.
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  2. Oh my God, this. State of Grace acoustic is magical, the lyrics really shine through in that version.

    We fall in love 'til it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time... and I never saw you coming” is incredible.
  3. Since we're all going along with it, I'd like a 20 minute unplugged version of Treacherous please.

    Oh, and Sad Beautiful Tragic. Make it even more Mazzy Star!
  4. Has anyone who ordered from her UK store received their vinyl copies yet? Still waiting on mine.
  5. Sit on u own dam 10 minute All Too Well I'm busy
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  6. Yes I would sell my soul to her but I never want to hear about the 10 minute All Too Well again nn. It’s great, but it’s borderline almost too long as it is.

  7. That's tea, actually.
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  8. Honestly that top 10 is pretty solid
  9. All the praise this album gets will never be enough. She really did that.
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  10. Don't even joke. My absolute favourite Taylor song.
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  11. Not re-recordings related but -

    august has become one of my absolute favorite songs in the little over 4 months we've had it. It refuses to let me breathe. I could write an entire dissertation about it, and I think I could actually compile one just based on my posts about it. So few songs have truly gripped me and forced me back into a moment in time like this one has. She took the words out of my head, except they were thoughts I didn't want to deal with so I buried them down until they all came back up the first time I heard it. By the time the strings kick in after the bridge, I've been through every human emotion and need to be left alone. It's an absolute triumph.
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    oop tea! “All Too Well” hits an apex and then comes back for a luck-pushing encore. That has always been its weakness.
  13. Real stans know the Red trinity is State of Grace, Treacherous and Sad Beautiful Tragic and that’s the tea on that.
  14. "State of Grace," "Red" and... "22."
  15. Tea!
  16. The holy trinity of Red is:
    • In the middle of the night
    • On that little town street
    • When I loved you so
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  18. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Let’s put some respect on Holy Ground, let’s do that.
  19. State of Grace, Treacherous, Sad Beautiful Tragic, and Begin Again are the quadfecta. Folklore's MOTHERS!
  20. What’s with these dodgy takes of late sis? Title track is a great bop and certainly top tier on the record but Treacherous eclipses it (and many other songs on the album/her discography).
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