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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. "Swift has been publicly discussing that plan for more than a year now, with no music to show for it" - dddd, because she literally couldn't until a month ago mama.
  2. I need her to re-record at least her debut in full so it can go number one so every single one of her albums can be a number one album.
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  3. I don't think there's any full-proof way of releasing the rerecordings without disrupting her Spotify/streaming organisation and playlists a bit, but I don't think she cares about that as much, which is fair.

    Also, Speak Now, 1989 and Folklore are the holy trinity, surely? Her most consistent albums by a long way.
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  4. If I had to pick a holy trinity of what Taylor is all about then mine are,

    Speak Now

    With an honourable mention to Fearless.
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  5. I can't imagine the re-recordings being a low key fair. I also don't doubt they'll be rolled out with lazer precision, however she chooses to do so. I'm picturing reimagined artwork with 50 alternative physical formats of each re-issue, box sets, etc. Mother Nature isn't ready.

  6. No lies detected (except it should be top 3)

  7. The interview is interesting. She talks about several things she mentioned in the Disney special, but also about Lover Fest and what she's gonna do about that in the future, her habit of attacking her previous work before starting to work on a new one ...
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  8. That photoshoot is like some weird Folklore and Blank Space MV mashup. I’m not mad at it, though.
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  9. We've all had a marvelous time ruining everything.
  10. Agreed. It's also my spiritual number so maybe a little biased.

  11. So she was on a video shoot when the election was called? Where, where is it sis @TaylorSwift13.
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  12. Loved that interview. It's cool how she waited a few months to talk about the songs this time around to let people draw their own conclusions.

    And YES at the news of another video being shot.
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  13. I suspect we'll be getting the video (or an announcement) on Sunday.
  14. The Man was a meh video, but it’s nice to see her seriously trying out directing again. Hopefully, she improves over time.

  15. The acclaim just won’t stop!
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  16. she directed cardigan too

  17. 9 tree emojis? 9 days from today is a friday...you know what that means.
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  18. How many times have I watched this video this week?

    I remember 15 year old me really liking Taylor, watching her YouTube vlogs and dedicating Love Story to my first online boyfriend nn. And then I drifted from her but always followed and knew when she was releasing new music, because how could you not, but I never went in depth... however, she's making me want to full-on stan again? What a queen!
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  19. Somethings happening
  20. Stop, stop, I’m already dead!!
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