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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. Remember when Kanye was supposed to drop his album on the same day as folklore? And now this news gets dropped same day Kim dropped him?
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  2. +
    #28 Lover
    #63 evermore
    #116 1989
    #165 reputation

  3. So my US store vinyl said it was processed and on the way, but the tracking url / code returns an error. Did anyone have the same issue?
  4. Not the 'Willow' Dancing Witch remix popping off a bit on Capital FM.
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  5. Someone in this thread said that ‘Willow’ is her sexiest song and my god. It really is.
  6. False God is probably her sexiest song (although using the word "sexy" with Taylor's music is...weird to me) but Willow is a slinky jam as well.
  7. Shipping is such a disaster in the US right now because of elections/pandemic/holidays so tracking is a mess. People one state away from me still haven't received Christmas cards I sent 3.5 weeks ago
  8. Yeah I'd say False God is her sexiest, honorable mention to Treacherous too though.
  9. Cowboy Like Me is her sexiest song in my opinion
  10. My kingdom for a Taylor song with as sexy vocals as willow, soundcape as False God and lyrics as Treacherous (and Dress minus the parts that are about her reputation)
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  12. You probably have to wait a day or two until the tracking is updated.
  13. Ah well the processing was done around 15th of december and it still hasn't updated, but forgot to include that in my post.
  14. Could’ve been her Shallow, or at least the closest she’d ever get to a global smash duet with a male co-lead. I’ll die on that hill!
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  15. Taylor’s sexiest song discourse? This pandy has been long and dry.

  16. She actually has a pretty great “sexy” mini-album now if you add em up:

    - Willow
    - False God
    - Style
    - I Think He Knows
    - Wildest Dreams
    - So It Goes
    - Afterglow
    - Dress
    - August
    - Cowboy Like Me
    - Treacherous

    Maybe Don’t Blame Me, too.
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  17. You forgot I Dont Wanna Live Forever!
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  18. Where are cowboy like me and cardigan
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