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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. I don’t think any of these are the ‘standard’... these just seem like limited edition pressings available for a short period, there’ll probably be a different global variant or a few.
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  2. There won’t be any woods left after all those cd and vinyl pressings sis! Let me perch.

    also getting man in the woods from it help
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  4. BON IVER! Consider me perched.
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  5. LTG


    Can't wait for Cardigan to be the sequel to All Too Well's scarf.
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  7. aux



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  8. So curious to hear why her and Aaron Dessner of The National cooked up together.
  9. Hoax? I’m ready for her takedown of the T***p administration, c’mon ma’am!!
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  10. So exciting!
  11. Wig
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  12. I can not contain myself!!
    I’m at work and I’ve just like stared into space for a full 15 minutes obsessing over this.
  13. Bloody Hell

    Here We Go Hens
  14. The imagery is giving me Safe and Sound music video, which is pretty much everything I've wanted from her since Red.

  15. Taylor and Bon Iver?! I'm dead.
  16. A song called Hoax, though? I'm shaking at where that could go. Attack the Republicans, sissy!!
  17. I love you for bringing this back
  18. I cannot wait for this! I love a surprise album release!

    Do we assume the physicals will be on amazon too (particularly the vinyl) or will they be exclusive to her site?
  19. Shook and perched!
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