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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. I'm a Lover apologist and this might just be the worst opinion I've ever read.
  2. Since no one posted it dd:

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  3. Mirrorball giving me alt mid90s coffee house realness.
  4. "betty" is going to have the Taylor-is-gay conspiracy theorists dying.
  5. Get taste.
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  6. Did august really have to do that?
  7. The fucking couplets and one-liners from this album. She had the nerve.

    “I've never been a natural, all I do is try, try, try”

    “You know damn well for you I would ruin myself a million little times”

    “I got wasted like all my potential”

  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I have the power to ban and I will!!!!!!!!1111

  9. 5 Stars from The Guardian and she got 5 stars from Telegraph as well.
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  10. mirrorball - seven - august is a RUN.

    There’s no doubt that this is her best album.
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  11. WELL.

    It's certainly the most relaxed she's ever been and while -Madonna rate voice- I am easily swayed by airs of pretension, I am willing to say it is her best overall piece of work!

    It's a world I'm already excited to return to, which I could not really say for her last two efforts and how lovely it is to feel that way about Taylor Allison Swift.
  12. I quite like it. Not entirely swept. A 7,5 on first listen which means there is room to grow. Will listen to the album later.
  13. Oh, lemme just rearrange the furniture a bit and make myself comfortable cuz I'm gonna live in this album for quite a while.
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  14. Now I definitely don't forgive her for phoning it in on Lover. Where the fuck has this songwriting been.
  15. The fucking couplets and one-liners from this album. She had the nerve.

    "I've never been a natural, I try, try, try"

    “You know damn well for you I would ruin myself a million little times”

    “I got wasted like all my potential”

  16. What an album. I finished listening to it feeling emotionally drained, but so proud as a fan of what she had done.
    I really like that she is also writing from other perspectives too, it's a nice change, and the combo of fictional and personal songs is very interesting.

    Exile was the one for me at first listen. The tears started falling by the middle of the song, and didn't stop till it ended. What a song.
    What an album.

    What an artist
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  17. I adore the lyrics in Cardigan. What a gorgeous song.

    If there was anyone who was going to pull out this kind of album after lockdown it would be Taylor.
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  18. This is really really good. This feels like the album she was always supposed to make, like the kind of lyrical and storytelling prowess she's always had in her but has been stopping herself from truly exploring. I'm actually kind of speechless and there are so many lyrical gems that I'm still unpacking. That chorus on betty? The scathing mad woman? I don't know why I was slightly worried about the storytelling aspect of this, but it works so well and feels like such natural progression for her (my tears ricochet fucking killed me, "I didn't have it in me to go with grace, and so the battleships will sink beneath the waves" what the fuck, Taylor).

    This is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to sit with it more and keep unpacking it all. I don't think there's anything that I didn't enjoy, I felt like I was in another world for an hour and given the shit show this year has been, it's been a really special experience for me.
  19. On my first couple of listens: This is excellent and a return to form. It's dreamy, reflective, incredibly atmospheric, and insular. Too early to say if it'll be my favorite album of hers, but it's up there with 1989 for sure. Yes, the bops are gone, but this sound is where Taylor truly excels - it's honestly what I was expecting from Reputation.

    There are some really deep cuts that I feel will be overlooked (This Is Me Trying, Epiphany, Peace), but I'm glad she stretched artistically and did what she wanted in place of chasing a hit. I adore that full dip into dream pop in the album's mid-section. The sequencing & pacing on this is so well done I catch myself still wondering what she was thinking with Lover. Anyway, I'm very pleased.

    My trinity is looking like August, Peace, and Mirrorball.
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