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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. I adore the lyrics in Cardigan. What a gorgeous song.

    If there was anyone who was going to pull out this kind of album after lockdown it would be Taylor.
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  2. This is really really good. This feels like the album she was always supposed to make, like the kind of lyrical and storytelling prowess she's always had in her but has been stopping herself from truly exploring. I'm actually kind of speechless and there are so many lyrical gems that I'm still unpacking. That chorus on betty? The scathing mad woman? I don't know why I was slightly worried about the storytelling aspect of this, but it works so well and feels like such natural progression for her (my tears ricochet fucking killed me, "I didn't have it in me to go with grace, and so the battleships will sink beneath the waves" what the fuck, Taylor).

    This is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to sit with it more and keep unpacking it all. I don't think there's anything that I didn't enjoy, I felt like I was in another world for an hour and given the shit show this year has been, it's been a really special experience for me.
  3. On my first couple of listens: This is excellent and a return to form. It's dreamy, reflective, incredibly atmospheric, and insular. Too early to say if it'll be my favorite album of hers, but it's up there with 1989 for sure. Yes, the bops are gone, but this sound is where Taylor truly excels - it's honestly what I was expecting from Reputation.

    There are some really deep cuts that I feel will be overlooked (This Is Me Trying, Epiphany, Peace), but I'm glad she stretched artistically and did what she wanted in place of chasing a hit. I adore that full dip into dream pop in the album's mid-section. The sequencing & pacing on this is so well done I catch myself still wondering what she was thinking with Lover. Anyway, I'm very pleased.

    My trinity is looking like August, Peace, and Mirrorball.
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  4. aux


    The way we manifested this being her best album.

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  5. I've wanted her to work with Justin for YEARS and the fact that they actually did and it's on a song as good as Exile like ????

    I don't want to get ahead of myself but this might be her best album.
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  6. eccentricsimply

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    All the jokes aside I don’t know if this album is great or if it’s just because it’s exactly the album I needed right now ddddd both maybe?

    I will say I’d get rid of the run Mad Woman-Epiphany-Betty not because they aren’t good but because Epiphany is too sad and the other two are just not as good as the rest of the album. By Betty I was a bit eh maybe this is over and then Peace grabbed me by the throat.
  7. ‘mirrorball’, ‘seven’, ‘invisible string’ and ‘betty’ are my early favourites, though I would say ‘mad woman’ is the only outright dud here.
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  8. Trust the forum to crash and burn just as this was released into the world.

    This is such a great album, with depth and accomplished lyricism. Epiphany is most certainly written with the pandemic and our key workers in mind - heartbreaking and poignant. I feel like this will be seen as her magnum opus. It’s an incredibly melancholy body of work, with every song feeling like it had been plucked from the soundtrack of a person’s life.
  9. I quite like it. Not entirely swept. A 7,5 on first listen which means there is room to grow. Will listen to the album later.
  10. This is the most evolved version of her talents and I'm so excited to listen more. It's stunning. This feels like a song cycle, almost theatrical.
  11. The purpose & intent of everything here.... even on the surface level is just breathtaking. I can't imagine how it will reveal itself over repeated listens.

    I mean, 'epiphany' is just, wow. and as track 13... her mind.
  12. My Tears Ricochet is the one for me.
  13. Exile, My Tears Ricochet, August, Cardigan, Mirrorball, The Last Great American Dynasty, This Is Me Trying, Mad Woman, BETTY?!

  14. August ended me. This is so good.
  15. Welp I’m bowled over. Truly lost in the woods.


    August is giving me major Linger by The Cranberries teas, so so good.
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  16. Exile effortlessly gain a place in her Top 10.
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  17. This is utterly incredible. Not a single bad song. exile is already a carrer highlight.
    Literally LOVER WHO?
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  18. ‘Exile’, ‘my tears ricochet’, ‘peace’, ‘mirrorball’ and ‘illicit affairs’ are my early favorites.

    I am floored at just how good this is.
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  19. I need to listen to this in full again to decide my favourites, but I think Exile, August, Invisible string, epiphany and peace may be the best ones for me on first listen
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