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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. Half way through and so far I’m quite bored.
  2. Everything about this. The trip-hop vibes on Cardigan. The production on Exile. The airy, dreamlike feel throughout the whole thing. This is the Taylor album I've wanted for a long time. It may be too soon to call, but this is an out-the-gate contender for my album of the year (sorry Googs and Dua).

    Top faves:

    1. Mirrorball
    2. Epiphany (that chorus about COVID, right in the fucking feels)
    3. August
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  3. This is the first full album of hers I've ever listened to and I am very pleased with my decision yesterday to pre-order a vinyl of it. The duet with Bon Iver is beautiful and devastating. My first listen favorite for sure. Possibly Invisible String after that. The only song I didn't super connect with was Mirrorball which is a shame as I had high expectations with that title.
  4. A career defining album from an artist that's already had two.
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  5. I listened to a big part of this as soon as I woke up and I thought it was a bit bland. Two hours later I keep going back to it and having that sweet melancholic feeling.

    All in all, I kinda love this...
  6. It's cardigan.
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  7. Rem


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  8. Second listen and this really is one those albums isn't it? The ones you hear once or twice and already know they'll not leave you and your heavy rotation for a while?

    Everything is so direct, so beautiful, so natural, so haunting, so stunning. Also thank you Taylor for giving me the moody masterpiece I needed since Norman is deleted. I am not even a fan of Taylor besides worshipping 1989 but this directly hits home in a way said Lana album and Melodrama did for example.

    So happy I am in home office and therefore able to play this all day.
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  9. This would’ve been a great follow-up to Reputation
  10. The lyrics here are stunning.

    And I've been meaning to tell you / I think your house is haunted / your Dad is always mad and that must be why
  11. I need to see more love for Epiphany!

    I know it’ll be overlooked, but this cinematic slice of moving, dreamy, made-for-pandemic-quarantine excellence...

    Truly one of the more evolved songs she’s made.
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  12. The way this made me giggle at 3:40am.

    anyways it’s me

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  13. Lover is not a wonderful album. It is fine, with some high highs. But I understand why it exists. She wanted to capitalize on Big Pop! Taylor one more time (although, I think she will try her hand at that sound once touring is a thing again). I appreciate it for what it is.

    But folklore... wow. This is excellent. It encapsulates everything that made me stan in the first place. She fully realizes her potential. Haunting melodies, really beautiful production choices, an amazing voice, and that lyricism that she's known for. It fulfills the promise of Safe & Sound.
  14. “She had a marvellous time


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  15. I kinda screamed at this being labelled “Alternative” on Apple Music. Yes mawma, show us that you’ve moved on
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  16. I'm just so, so proud of her. This album is a masterpiece and will probably be the soundtrack to when I need a pick me up or something to soothe my anxiety.

    This may be a projection, but I think Taylor's been trying to find inspiration for a while. There was an intimacy and charm from her earlier work that felt a bit missing and you only see in glimpses in the last few records. A lot of this has to do with her self consciousness in how she's perceived through the art she writes.

    Finally, here she found a balance. We clowned her for the characters she was creating a few pages back, but it's an incredible device she's used throughout this album. She's able to slip in and out of the characters... not revealing too much and in the process, she's finally able to reveal so much about her. When she was able to wear a mask, she was able to be more honest... or at least sound like it.

    Her ideals, her outlook on the world, her insecurities are just so wonderfully sewn using a through line of... I'm not sure what it is yet, but it feels a lot like wonder. It feels like the two of you are on a long, car ride and she's telling you stories of your common friends, making you feel these are the most sad, beautiful, tragic (legendary track!) stories you've ever heard.
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  17. I'm still trying everything to get you laughing at me
    I'm still a believer but I don't know why
    I've never been a natural
    All I do is try, try, try
    I'm still on that trapeze
    I'm still trying everything
    To keep you looking at me

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  18. Well...it's her best album. No doubt about it. I can't believe how amazing it is. I'm too tired to focus my thoughts much more beyond that.
  19. “This Is Me Trying” is effortlessly better than anything she thought she was doing on Reputation and Lover. The storytelling, the warmth of the vocals, the angst, the lyrics... I love it.
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  20. Rem


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