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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. Everything about this so far is exactly what most of us have wanted from her for a while now. If she leans into the sounds of Treacherous and Safe and Sound, or goes a bit more left-field into False God type songs...I'll be so happy either way. This is amazing, I am so excited.
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  2. The National are the one Male rock band I’m allowing myself to like so, yes,

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  3. aux


    Fellow Swifties, we're eating good tonight.

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  4. I'm... strangely optimistic? It will never reach Nelly's Folklore but then again I'm sure it will be better than Lover. We'll see.

    She really wants to kill our planet uh?
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  5. SMG


    Not this actually sounding like it could be the sonic progression we’ve all been waiting for!
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  7. I was wondering how long it’d be before she tried her hand at the ~aesthetic lowercase titles. Bon Iver rubbed off on her a bit I see
  8. Changed the game with that digital drop
    Know where you was when that digital popped
    I stopped the world
    Male or female, it make no difference
    I stop the world, world, stop—
    Carry on


  9. There’s no Joel Little on the album so it’s already better than Lover in my eyes
  10. Her website literally saying "Pre-Order All 8 Deluxe CDs and 8 Deluxe Vinyl Albums!" I....
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  11. The song titles are a bit ridiculous but I’m perched
  12. But what is the first single?!
  13. Right as boosted unemployment benefits are set to expire, I truly can’t at the timing
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  15. Illicit Affairs is already the best song of all time.
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  16. aux


    The photoshoot is gorgeous, my God. Everything in the art direction for this feels like we're finally getting the album I've been waiting for from her.

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  17. The Slender Man teas of this album artwork. Yes I am perched.
  18. IM NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. ~~~f∞lkl8re~~~
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