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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. The fact that she's broken the record for a female album, 14 years into her career, with an alternative, non-streaming-friendly album. Whew, the power that has. Amazing.
  3. Rem


    she's social distancing <3
  4. I mean also July is dead and especially July 2020, so she has no competition or distractions but it’s still cool to see her doing well while also delivering her finest work.
  5. Someone that died two months ago.
  6. Hasn’t music streaming in general experienced a decline during the pandemic? And yet, she still managed to break the all time record.
  7. Disrepectful.
  8. I'm not sure such a decline in incidental listening (people not streaming on the way to work, etc) would affect the streams of a new album (which people are actively seeking out as a result of hype).

    Equally though I don't think lack of competition is playing much of a factor in these numbers. People are just genuinely interested.
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  9. Those numbers are just impressive.
  10. It’s only been a day and this album already feels like it’s always been in my life.
  11. I don't want to remarry. I just want HOAX. Click here to stream my August!
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  12. Reminds me of 1989 when Taylor literally outsold the Billboard Hot 100. Literally the music industry.
  13. I'm trying to give other songs some time but I'm stuck in an August - This is me trying loop.

    I love the lyric "so i got wasted, like all my potential"
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  14. Love it when you make a preliminary playlist of "songs that already clicked" and it's like 80% of the album.
  15. The final half of exile is definitely one of the greatest moments in her discography.

  16. Taylor starting as a country artist in a time where physical sales were still the primary form of consumption, transitioning to the digital era and becoming the artist with the most digital song sales #1s on billboard, and now transitioning to the streaming era and having 2 of the top 3 on this list. What a career...
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  17. {I don’t want to come across as dramatic and I’m hardly a Taylor Stan Reputation’s the only other album I’ve listened to all the way through but this might legit be one of the best albums of all time}
  18. Also a bit of Kii that she dragged her heels during the beginning years of the streaming era and now she’s amongst the biggest names in streaming.
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  19. She did it pretty much all during quarantine:
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  20. I *think* my top 3 is This Is Me Trying, Exile and either Cardigan, August or The Last Great American Dynasty (I adore the storytelling and the history behind it).

    Ugh there's just so many little lyrical gems to love.

    It's a very rainy miserable day here and I'm feeling hungover and generally crappy so this album is certainly fitting.
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