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Taylor Swift - folklore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Judas, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. The album's barely over an hour long.
  2. Listening to the whole thing with no omissions... A marvellous time.
  3. It’s definitely a whole body of work that takes you on an emotional journey.

    I have no idea where The Lakes will fit in.
  4. While I agree its definitely not a short album, I can’t really understand the criticism that it’s too long. I mean, where’s the rush? I enjoy putting this on and truly experiencing the world in which Taylor’s curated, and following the story through until the end. Even if it takes... an hour.

  5. Very Zara plagiarizing Alice Chater for solo dancing in an empty room teas ddddd
  6. It wasn’t even meant to be an insult but more a clear delineation between what Popjustice (at least) and the GP considers a BPG versus smaller artists (known largely online-only) still making pop. It’s not that deep. Let’s not pretend Taylor and Allie, Kylie and Little Boots, Zara and Alice etc or any recent pairing that comes with “accusations” are ever on the same level exposure or audience wise.
  7. This album is literally perfect to me. I’m unlikely to become a Taylor stan I like some of her songs but her music has never been my favourite. This particular album though is out of this world. She may not be my favourite pop star but this is one of my favourite albums.
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  8. A little on the nose, but I just used this as a soundtrack for a walk to the local park and through the woods and it was a delight.

    Illicit affairs, exile, mirrorball, seven, August, cardigan, invisible strings and my tears ricochet are divine.
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  9. I haven’t had time to fully listen to this yet, but I’m shook by the metacritic score (so far).
  10. I haven’t watched Grey’s since season 10 but I’m getting chills thinking about the inevitable use of epiphany at the end of next season premiere.
  11. I need Taylor to make the soundtrack for the next Greta Gerwig film. It’s what I deserve.
  12. I need Shonda to also use illicit affair to chronicle Miss Teddy’s latest mess amirite @VicePresidentJocasta
  13. Just delete betty tbh.
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  14. I feel like every time I get tagged in this thread (or someone mentions Bruce Springseen which automatically summons me) I have to go to church or say 10 Hail Mary's. But sure, if Taylor is making some folky sad ho anthems, I'm sure one will slot nicely onto the scene where Teddy has to tell both Owen and Tom that she gave them Covid.
  15. Taylor Swift in six words.

    I'd cut a couple of tracks from the second half but peace and epiphany are incredible and justify sticking with it.

    The first half is strongest though, particularly the opening trio which has to be her best opening run of songs. I really love The 1, it's right up there with her best. I hope it gets a single push.
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  16. Bad take!
  17. Wait, what why?
  18. This is giving me Joanne flashbacks. It’s probably because I’m old and dead on the inside.
  19. The fact that Taylor could have recorded an exact cover of the Allie X beep boop and I'd never have known
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  20. I actually think it’s strongest in the middle. The mirrorball-seven-august 1-2-3 punch makes me ascend each time.

    It seems august is the standout for most fans in this album and it’s really just sublime. I’m a sucker for mixing dramatic, poetic declarations with realism. A line as heavy as “For me, it was enough to live for the hope of it all” transitions to something as contemporary and mundane as “Meet me behind the mall”... to me, it shows how the mundane is elevated by the stories we give to them, especially when it comes to romance.
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