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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. what do u think is her best?
    Obviously you might not have come across her-country is hardly big over here.Nonetheless, for those who have heard her stuff, what's your favourite?

    i LOVE her new album, but i can't hep but feel her first was more country and more enjopyable. Clearlyit's a massive crossover album-shown through it's opening week sales- but still...

    Anyway, i LOVE LOVE LOVE 'White Horse' and the majority of her first album (especially 'A Perfectly Good Heart')

    what do u lot think?????
  2. Blatant porn name imo.
  3. I haven't got the album, so I'm only familiar with the singles. As it is, I love "Teardrops on my guitar"

    Country may hardly be big over here, but it's also not small - most HMVs have a token amount of shelf space devoted to the latest artists Nashville is pushing, and the Dixie Chicks sold a decent stack of albums in the UK. I think the global statistics are something like 40% of country music is sold outside the US, with Japan, the UK and Germany major markets.
  4. Change actually, but Love Story gets stuck in my head often.
  5. Our Song, was pure teen bubblegum disguised as country and I loved it for that. But Love Story truly is everything a big pop ballad should be.
  6. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Rolling Stone noted in their review of her album that the songs are written just like any Swedish hit factory, and I couldn't agree more. If these songs were the new Kelly Clarkson album, featuring Dr. Luke production, we'd all be raving.
  7. Oh, thanks SO much. I already have a hard time not imagining Kelly singing EVERY song I like, now I'll never hear "White Horse" without wishing she had sung it!!!
  8. I've searched and there are no general discussions on her.
    I absolutely love NEARLY every song on the album and her vocals are great too.
    Does anyone know what will be her second single after Love Story.
    I'm guessing it would be White Horses but I really hope its Forever and Always. By farrrrr the best song on the album, about Joe Jonas too. Tit.
  9. There's no need for a general discussion for Taylor, just use the existing Fearless thread. And second single is "Teardrops On My Guitar" out 18th May.
  10. Could've made that big Fearless thread into a Swift thread, but what the hey, I'm always up for Swift discussion.

    The lyrics to this song are "samey", but it's just a throwaway tune the same way 'Crazier' was a throwaway for the HM movie. Fits the movie's simple plot, I'm sure.

    She's recording the second album right now and I think it will sound differently from this.

    I still like 'Today..', though, just for the careless, casually catchy melody.
  11. To be honest, I find Taylor very boring. She's very elegant and lady-like for someone so young, which is great, but this also spills into the majority of her songs making them very safe and, yeah boring.

    Even this song sounds like Ray LaMontagne at first and doesn't really amount to anything unlike Ray's stuff.

    If she beats Gaga and Beyonce at the Grammys it will be a total injustice.
  12. The song isn't bad, but I agree it's all starting to sound a bit same-ish.

    Then again, i don't understand all the fuss surrounding Taylor Swift, Love Story was a good song (though some of the lyrics are a bit nonsensical) and You Belong With Me was an okay song, nothing special really. Perhaps if she moves in a more pop direction I'd like what she makes more, but as of now, I can only really tolerate songs with 'Pop Mix'es, because the original mixes sounds like she's reading something straight out of a poorly written child's storybook with some nice guitar strings in the background.
  13. She's not safe. Many of her songs are angry, aggressive. She plays the different sides of reality up against eachother -- first the romantic daydreaming of 'Love Story' and then the crashing reality of 'White Horse'. Construct and deconstruct the naivety of youth. She manages to communicate feelings first-hand from the 'frontlines' of teenage love, but at the same time, without sounding preachy, inject the kind of wisdom she should've been too young to have. And her sense of melody is second only to.. I don't know, The-Dream or Max Martin.

  14. Don't you mean 3rd album? Isn't her tour still ongoing at least until mid-year. I think she might be writing, but I don't think she's in the studio yet. If so, she's working just as hard as Gaga.

    Anyway, I think White Horse and I Should've Said No are her best tracks.
  15. Third, oops.

    She's tweeted about being in the studio:

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  16. But as "real" as the songs are, they can still be seen as boring. I do find America's fascination strange as well. I prefer my artists with a bit of character to them.

    But, she has achieved so much and to have the biggest selling album in America for someone at only 20 is unbelievable, so well done to her.
  17. She can get away with this for a soundtrack single, but I'd say she needs to step it up for the next album. Not in quality, but in maturity. Granted, she does the whole high school-crush-thing brilliantly, but I just feel she's got even more to give.
  18. I don't think it is just American audiences. She's huge in Canada and Australia as well. And she does have noticeable popularity in the UK.

    I like her, but sometimes I feel she tries too hard to appeal to both conservative and liberal audiences. I don't think she is boring per se, but different compared to the likes of Gaga, Kesha et al.
  19. "Awkward fist-pumps????"
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