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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Mine ended up having a 10 way tie for number 1....
    Honestly though, the whole top 30 are pretty interchangeable. Only song I thought was too low was Lover, thought I’d have that a bit higher.
    1 Death By a Thousand Cuts
    1 Afterglow
    1 Long Live
    1 Our Song
    1 Ours
    1 Out of the Woods
    1 Red
    1 Safe & Sound
    1 Sparks Fly
    1 State of Grace
    11 Style
    12 Daylight
    12 Begin Again
    12 Blank Space
    12 Crazier
    16 Delicate
    16 Fearless
    16 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    16 Wildest Dreams
    20 You Belong With Me
    20 You're Not Sorry
    22 How You Get The Girl
    23 Love Story
    24 Mine
    25 I Knew You Were Trouble
    25 Jump Then Fall
    27 Forever and Always
    28 Getaway Car
    29 New Years Day
    29 All Too Well
    29 Teardrops on My Guitar
    32 august
    32 betty
    34 ...Ready for it?
    34 Cruel Summer
    36 Paper Rings
    36 Tim McGraw
    38 Eyes Open
    39 All You Had To Do Was Stay
    39 Back To December
    41 Picture To Burn
    42 Cornelia Street
    43 A Place in This World
    44 Should've Said No
    45 White Horse
    46 The Other Side of the Door
    47 Treacherous
    48 seven
    49 the last great american dynasty
    50 cardigan
    51 the 1
    52 illicit affairs
    53 exile(featuring Bon Iver)
    54 Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince
    55 Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)
    56 You Need To Calm Down
    57 The Man
    58 this is me trying
    59 invisible string
    60 Mean
    61 Change
    62 King Of My Heart
    63 The Lucky One
    64 Wonderland
    65 Shake it Off
    66 Come In With The Rain
    67 Bad Blood
    68 LWYMMD
    69 Speak Now
    70 New Romantics
    71 hoax
    71 Forever and Always (Piano Version)
    73 epiphany
    74 peace
    75 mad woman
    76 ME!
    77 Lover
    78 False God
    79 Superman
    80 I Forgot That You Existed
    81 22
    82 I Know Places
    83 Call It What You Want
    84 Breathe
    85 I Think He Knows
    85 Tell Me Why
    87 my tears ricochet
    88 mirrorball
    89 The Moment I Knew
    90 The Way I Loved You
    91 Hey Stephen
    92 Holy Ground
    93 Fifteen
    94 I Almost Do
    95 I Wish You Would
    96 Ronan
    97 Girl at Home
    98 Stay Stay Stay
    98 The Story of Us
    100 I Did Something Bad
    101 Everything Has Changed
    102 Come Back...Be Here
    103 London Boy
    104 Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    105 Better Than Revenge
    106 Enchanted
    107 Clean
    108 The Best Day
    109 The Archer
    110 Dear John
    111 If This Was A Movie
    111 Innocent
    113 Haunted
    114 Sad Beautiful Tragic
    115 Never Grow Up
    116 Last Kiss
    117 Superstar
    118 This Love
    119 Today Was a Fairytale
    120 It's Nice to Have a Friend
    121 Sweeter than Fiction
    122 Starlight
    123 Stay Beautiful
    124 Tied Together with a Smile
    125 Welcome to New York
    126 You Are in Love
    127 Untouchable
    128 Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
    129 Cold As You
    130 Don't Blame Me
    131 Gorgeous
    132 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
    133 End Game
    134 So It Goes..
    135 Dress
    136 I'm Only Me When I'm With You
    137 Invisible
    138 Beautiful Eyes
    138 I Heart ?
    140 the lakes
    140 The Last Time
    142 The Outside
    143 A Perfectly Good Hear
  2. On my list, "ME!SS" found rotting tied for last place at #142 with "I Heart ?".
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  3. ddd and I Heart? isn’t even terrible as a song, I just found myself voting against a lot of debut era songs because her vocals back then were not it.
  4. Still waiting for a studio version of her version of Better Man
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  5. Pointless list alert.

    So after I drove 10 hours this week and listened to nothing but Swift my album ranking has sort of really changed.

    I can’t add folklore in because I realise how much my opinion has changed when you listen to them all back to back.

    Speak Now

    The first three are stone cold classics. I think with Red had it been a double disc Poppier/pop country affair it would be even more perfect.

    Speak Now is perfect minus Better Than Revenge.

    Fearless was the album to me for years it holds so many memories and I remember pre ordering it from Barnes and noble as I couldn’t find it anywhere else in the UK and waiting weeks for it and completely falling in love with the whole thing.

    1989 is great of course but I think when I compare it lyrically with the first three it feels a little sleight.

    Lover is a brilliant mixed bag like Red but it suffers for me with moments like Paper Rings, London Boy. The acoustic ep really shows how brilliant the songwriting is and if the whole album was done live in that way I think it would probably be my top choice.

    Reputation is big moments but it’s the least Taylor album of hers and that holds it back but if anyone else released this it would be a top notch album.

    The Debut just suffers from weak vocals and cheap instrumentals, really the leap from that to Fearless on all levels shows her growth.

    So that’s my pointless assessment and I’m pretty sure folklore woll float within that top three it’s currently number one but we shall see next year.
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  6. Now where is that scarf?
  7. Had a bit of a break from listening to Taylor.

    And then Getaway Car came on shuffle.


  8. But wow...what a moment. I will never forget.
  9. Treacherous will forever be the one.
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  10. You forgot the two best songs xx

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  11. State of Grace remains s career highlight. What a song.
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  12. "All Too Well" is the best thing she ever did. Still.
  13. Still remember crying in my car in the middle of the morning to All Too Well on the way back from Target. Now that's history!

  14. [​IMG]

    Still remember 16 year old me frantically searching for the frenchman's name and being very sad that there were like two other pictures of him on the internet.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I don't know if she's ever going to top "State of Grace" for me, but "august" came very, very close.
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  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    My favorite album of hers, even if I can admit it’s not her best.
  17. Holy Ground is my favorite song of hers. The build up is just... Immaculate.

    Tonight, I'm gonna dance
    For all that we've been through
    But I don't wanna dance
    If I'm not dancing with you
    Tonight, I'm gonna dance
    Like you were in this room
    But I don't wanna dance
    If I'm not dancing with you

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  18. Treacherous remains breathtaking and among her best ever work. "Nothing safe is worth the drive" is such a perfect, succinct lyric.
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  19. The way the production swells like a wave crashing over you when "two headlights shine" breaks in...ugh. Transcendent.
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  20. This is honestly up there with the album version for me. It takes an already stunning song and strips it back enough to make it sound more...introspective. When she was like 23 singing the original, it sounds bombastic and more like a celebration of a whirlwind of a relationship and this version, all these years later, sounds more like quiet appreciation and introspection of a story that's got dust on every page. Ugh.
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