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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. I honestly love the demo version of Treacherous....maybe even more than the album version. The harmony on "two headlines shine" with (I'm assuming) Dan Wilson is just SO good.

    Also, I really hope that one day she makes an album completely along the lines of Holy Ground and State of Grace.
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  2. Happy 10th birthday to an album that very nearly spent 10 years as my favorite album of all time, only to be cut short in July. You had a good run, girl!

  3. A masterpiece.

    This one deserves to be mentioned too:
  4. Speaking of, I was actually thinking this morning about how Speak Now might actually have her best singles run? Mine, Back To December, Mean, The Story Of Us, Sparks Fly...I mean even the 1989 singles run had a dud in Bad Blood. But I guess when you release a skipless album, all of your single choices would be good choices.
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  5. Is 1989 Deluxe out of print on CD? I can’t find it anywhere for a reasonable price that isn’t a US import or used. Was it a limited run or never release in the UK?
  6. It was definitely released because I grabbed one in HMV. I suspect it didn't get a very big release.
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  7. Thanks, that’s what I’m getting from how rare it is new. Managed to find one on Discogs.
  8. Life has nearly beaten the hopeless romantic out of me but somehow this still melts my heart.


  9. Never really thought about this tbh! It’s true, her other albums might’ve had breakup songs, but were overall about her whole life in that two year period and had some other stuff. Red was pretty much cohesively about the intensity of one specific relationship, it falling apart, and the aftermath.
  10. RJF


    (Was she even with Jake for six months? Work.)
  11. More like 6 weeks.
  12. dd it was supposedly like 4/5 months. For whatever reason, it seemed to have been one of her hardest heartbreaks.
  13. If Jake Gyllenhaal dated me for 2 hours I’d write an album about it so I don’t blame her.
  14. In other news, reputation has been removed from Apple Music and replaced with the ugly Big Machine Release Special.
  15. its probably similar to what happen on Spotify earlier this year - just a glitch

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  16. I absolutely love folklore and consider it one of my favourites from any artist. I'm not familiar with Taylor's earlier work. Which album (pre-Red) should I listen to first?
  17. When it comes to her first three albums, I would listen in reverse-chronological order. If you like Speak Now (which you should, because in my opinion it’s her second best album after folklore) then you’ll probably like Fearless and at least a handful of songs on her debut. If you don’t like Speak Now, chances are you probably wouldn’t like the other two, but it still would be worth giving Fearless a spin as well.
  18. I'm going to echo @Babyface on this one while adding that Speak Now arguably has as little country to it as Red, just without the overt genre shift in its marketing. Her only outright bad album is the debut, but it's still cute to really see how her songwriting has evolved since then. Tim McGraw remains one of her finest singles.
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  19. Thanks so much- that's my weekend listening sorted. I have a feeling I will like Speak Now as so many speak so highly of it on here.
  20. Imagine getting to listen to Speak Now and Album of the Year Fearless. Jealous.
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