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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Yeah, Taylor and Selena are cute, but Benji totally steals the show here. He is such a pretty cat

  2. Finally listening to the Self-Titled vinyl I got for Christmas to tide me over until tomorrow night (gonna listen to my Fearless vinyl after) and it honestly really is such a great debut, with the main drawback being her voice. Fearless is going to ruin me, but I honestly am so excited for her version of the debut.
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  3. Still such an emotional performance, whew.
  4. What a great song Afterglow is. I had a moment to it today (and several other songs from Lover), and after not listening to the album for a long time, I had forgotten how good some of the songs are and how much I enjoy most of the album
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  5. The way that Olivia has said Cruel Summer inspired the Deja Vu bridge, and owns her masters because she paid attention to Taylor's battle and didn't sign a bad deal. Impact!
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  6. who knows this one

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  7. Me since last July
  8. Every time I'm walking and that song comes on shuffle, I feel grateful I'm wearing a mask, so I can sing the bridge and do my own mini concert while on the streets
  9. I shit on it when it dropped, but I’m now totally obsessed with Lover (song) dd. Jack was in his bag when he produced this, it’s brimming with warmth and sentimentality. And the bridge is up there with her best; a gorgeous detour before the big finale.

    and you’ll save all your diiiirtiest jokes for me…
    and at every table… I’ll save you a seat… loverrrrrr

    Her delivery. the way the strings swell at this part. Bitch!

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  10. Lover is one of the most gorgeous songs ever and I'll have a mashup of it and Holy Ground for the first dance on my wedding and my future lover will deal. I know that the song was made for that, and yet it doesn't lack self-awareness, but rather really embraces the cliches fearlessly and turns them into a gorgeously warm, concise slice of pure beauty.

    I've also been spending a bit of time with Lover (the album) lately, or at least my edited version of it where I purged the scum and fat out, so I can only see daylight daylight daylight. I think I learned to appreciate it more in retrospect, but the key point was indeed realizing that that was not the musical route she was going to follow further. At the time when it came out I just wasn't there for it.
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  11. Lover remains one of her better albums and shan't be tainted by the inclusion of a couple abysmal tracks.
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  12. folklore and evermore sound absolutely incredible with the Dolby Atmos upgrade on Apple Music. Even better than they were, which is crazy to even imagine.
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  13. Whew, the lakes is one that really shines with Dolby Atmos…it sounds especially magical with all of the strings having the space they need.
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  14. The way everything could’ve been different if it was rightfully the lead

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  15. I...really thought the girls were being dramatic but I've just listened to exile with Dolby Atmos and

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  16. Omg Sara's cover of Clean is finally up and it is (unsurprisingly) stunning and instantly legendary

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  17. rdp


    Listening to Reputation today and I had completely forgotten about her actual supervillain laugh in This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

    (I still enjoy more tracks from it than Lover, however)
  18. This ranking is….a choice.
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