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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. If Reputation were a person I’d hate them, but as an album it’s always gone into the “it’s camp” territory for me.
  2. look gets it because of the monologue and it’s the only time where she’s like, Disney villain, everything else is like…I’m not actually the bad guy and I’m in LOVE so it’s FINE.
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  3. End Game is INCREDIBLE. Honey to my ears!
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  4. "It's like your eyes are liquor, it's like your body is gold"

  5. Taylor's part in End Game is incredible, the rest, I could live without
  6. The reputation era took years off of my life which is difficult to get not every album has that to its credit.
  7. Call It What You Want is top tier Taylor for me. I think the acoustic SNL performance influenced that. Absolute bop!

    I also get that lyrically it’s why people have a problem with reputation but if you take the song out of the context of the album the lyrics aren’t anywhere near as much of a tantrum as the singles were.
  8. The Man is a bop.
  9. I adore Call It What You Want. For me it's one of my favourite Taylor songs. I remember when I first heard it, and how it struck me that it was Taylor's first real secure in a relationship type of love song, and I don't know, I love everything about it. Even the parts of the lyrics that are more "immature" or petty, for me they still paint her story, her mindset at the moment... It's the song of reputation that I always go back to
  10. I legitimately don't have it in me to continue harboring animosity towards reputation at this point in my life nn. It's such a petulant misstep but there's something fascinating about having that time crystallized in album form because Taylor is the type to throw her entire being into her current body of work. The era felt so heavy but the music itself suffers less and less the more time removes it from the campaign: the material is still assembled meticulously and the songcraft is clearly there.
  11. If the forum can bop to trashy, nothing songs like Don’t Wait Up, it certainly shouldn’t be above bopping to End Game!!

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  12. Call It What You Want has easily become one of my faves from Reputation. It’s so good, especially that production.
  13. I loved reputation since day one, but wouldn't really have considered myself a true Taylor "fan" until the last year or two so I didn't have any attachment or investment in her behavior.
  14. Reputation is one of those albums I don't get tired of talking about because it doesn't exist in either lane of being simply bad or very good. Some of it's strengths (she's trying new things sonically!) are also its weaknesses (she's...not pulling it off). She can't shake her worst tendencies on it (the non stop victim card) even when she's trying to be tongue in cheek (I Did Something Bad). On one hand it feels slightly mis-marketed because it is mostly about falling in love with Joe, but she can't help but shoe horn "but also THEY WERE TRYING TO RUIN ME! EVEN THOUGH I AM A PRINCESS AND THEY ARE THE JOKERS!!! ARE YOU GUYS TIRED OF THE ROYALTY METAPHORS YET?!" into nearly every other song.

    Overall she bops if you aren't paying too close attention. When you really stop and listen to it you bop... and then roll your eyes a bit. I do agree with someone (sorry I forget who) on a previous page who said that Lover feels like her most inconsequential album. I think it is better than Reputation, but its also her only album where there wasn't much of a personal narrative around it. I mean other than "I do like gay people! I'm sorry it took me so long to say it!"
  15. Why did I read this in Madonna's Paula Abdul voice...
  16. Listening to gold rush in Dolby Atmos and ascending...what a song.
  17. I listened to Evermore earlier while drifting off to sleep (a nap). Recommended.
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