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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Sprinkle? More like torrential downfall
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  2. Here for the mess yet again.
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  3. I SAID look what YOU made me do!

  4. Taylor and P!nk having such seemingly quick turnarounds,
    we’re not due an Adele, or something equally massive and encompassing of sales at the end of the year are we?
  5. I hope not, but streaming behemoth Rihanna probably won't drop until the end of the year based on what she's said so far. Does Bajan queen have the Melba toast shook?

  6. Melba toast...

    Actually howling.
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  7. Too bad I wanted this. I'm ready for the mess.
  8. I mean, I have a track record of flop threads. @Music Is Life is new so they at least deserve a chance!
  9. Anyway I refuse to talk about this until there’s real news because all we’re going to do is relitigate the reputation era, which is exactly what happened when @sexercise opened up TS6 way too early (pages upon pages of 1989 reanalysis).
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  10. At least pop in once in a while.
  11. It's fine. I saw you had opened the thread but got closed and assumed it was due to lack of evidence of TS7 actually coming. Im a terrible OP, it's better off if you take care of it, i just needed a new thread. Time to leave reputation behind (but not before it reaches 2 Billion streams on Spotify huh?)
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  12. You had a better opening post anyway. I didn't know where to find all the evidence this is probably coming this year. But I will take good care of the thread.
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  13. Has anyone listened to her Songs Taylor Loves playlist? I wonder if that could be a hint at the kind of music TS7 will have. She made that playlist around the start of the reputation, which is probably several months after she finished writing reputation and was probably starting to think about TS7.
  14. Tag me next time binch.
  15. I hope this is a streaming era. Time to finally get with the times. So far she's been recovering nicely from the self-sabotage, she currently has 14 (almost 15) 100M tracks, and will have 20 by the end of the year even without TS7. Spotify audiences are here for her, she just needs to be here for Spotify too!
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  16. Rebel Wilson on filming Cats with Taylor.
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