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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I've never gotten the hate here for Shake It Off. It's fine. Cringe inducing middle 8 aside, which has become a staple of all her leads now.
  2. You can't spell "This. Sick. Beat." without SHAKE IT BITC-
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  3. The actual scream that I just let out at 5.42am on a weekday in my apartment upon reading THIS post.
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  4. 13 ‘points’ though ddd
  5. Shake It Off isn’t spectacular by any means but it’s a GP-pandering lead single done right. It’s everything that ME! tried and failed to be.
  6. Imagine being so fucking boring you cant have a few drinks and get your jush to Shake It Off without writing paragraphs about the state of pop music...yawn...
  7. I have a love-hate relationship with Shake It Off. I find that I usually don't care for her leads in general, though
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  8. Imagine being so fucking dead inside that Shake It Off doesn't give you an aurally transmittable disease.
  9. Shake It Off is innocuous. Kinda catchy, very stupid. Much like every lead single by Little Mix bar Move. Kids love it apparently.
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  10. I didn’t need you to read me like this
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  11. WOW


    The middle 8 is my favourite part of that song ddd. Especially after a few drinks.
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  12. Ffff Shake It Off was more an impressive move to me at first but we’d joke a lot about it at work to the point where it has become a genuine 10 for me and I lose my damn mind to it. A bop.
  13. Yeah Shake It Off is fucking fun even if it’s a little stupid.
  14. -Beyoncé voice- huh...my...aspiration in life would be to be

  15. You know what was a great lead single?
  16. Rumored 19 tracks on the standard & 26 on the deluxe?

    Hope that's false. Dddd. Not Taylor pulling a Chris Brown to stretch-incorporate this era into her final 1M opening week.
  17. Unless some of them are short interludes, 26 tracks would be a double album, in which case I'd be surprised if Republic let her do that.
  18. The way this messy montage kinda illustrates the insanity of the zillions of theories that have been thrown out over the past 2 months ddd

  19. I love Shake It Off for most of the reasons you've mentioned here. It's so much fun, and the performance on her 1989 tour elevated it to something else. Also, this post makes me wish Little Mix still released lead singles like that.
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