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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. It feels weird to be on the verge of a new Swift album so soon.
  2. I want a track a la Style. I know it's hard to improve perfection, but it can be done.
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  3. How would you feel if I told you she has a song registered with Oscar Holter who worked on Run Away With Me, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, 1999, Dance To This, Bloom and Secrets (by P!nk)? (Martin & Shellback are on it too)
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  4. No clue who Travis Fredrick Hill is.


    Or what AUA stands for.

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  6. All Us Aryans.
  7. Not sure where to post this but Default Genders has a cover of Holy Ground on his new album, main pop girl 2019. I don't know how much of a cover it really is because it's more of a reimagination of the song with super-pitched vocals and breakbeats, but somehow it works and shows once more how perfect the song is.
  8. So she's working with Max and co again? For some reason I was expecting her to move on from them but at the same time they've shown they can adapt to whatever direction she wants to take. Reputation sounded nothing like 1989 and hopefully the new album will switch it up again while keeping the hooks.
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  9. Is that a question or an affirmation? Because I haven't read anything at all about the people she is working with.

    I don't expect her to stop working with Max anytime soon, but I hope she also works with other producers. Not only Max and Jack again
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  10. It's about those newly registered tracks above.
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  11. I think she’ll work with Jack again, at least for some of the album. Jack said New Year’s Day was the ‘direction she was going in’ or something which makes it sound like he has an insight into what she’s doing.

    And she’s been seen in a studio not too long ago. If the magazine covers are true, something is definitely coming.

    As was discussed previously, she’s definitely smart enough to know streaming is the future. I think a Q2 single with a Q4 album is likely. At least that’s what I hope happens.
  12. Looks like Travis Fredrick Hill goes by the name of Scooter Carusoe, he has credits on a bunch of country songs.
    Seems he wrote You All Over Me with Taylor, which is an old unreleased song, not sure what the source for the Facebook page is.

    It's possible some of these songs are rejects that she for some reason didn't bother registering until recently.
  13. I’d like Jack to push her in new directions a la Lana or Lorde. The fact that their work together resulted in the most redundant tracks on her last album is frustrating, because I think the potential is there to deliver some of her best ever work (as we got on 1989).

    I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’d like her to go next musically, now that I’m at the point where I still love much of he discography despite the personality behind it. I think arena rock re:State of Grace is too far out of the question, but delivering 80’s arena rock/anthemic stadium music would serve her well. I don’t love Getaway Car but I do think it pushed her lyrically in a more nuanced direction, and I think expanding on that while improving her writing could result in her best album yet.
  14. I just want a disco album, taking influence from Donna Summer, Bee Gees and the Electric Light Orchestra. Would be her best album yet!
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  15. I feel like you want a different artist.
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  16. I want her to keep exploring sounds. Her 80s Pop album remains the best of her career so far so i dont see why she shouldnt explore even better times of music history
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  17. Just give me that State Of Grace sonically inspired alberm
  18. I need another heartbreaking ballad a la Dear John & All Too Well.
  19. I really hope “New Year’s Day” isn’t where Taylor takes her music, going forward.
    I love a Taylor ballad but that song is mediocre at best.

    I think she’ll definitely be hungry for hits this time round, and more chart success than Reputation gave her.
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