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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I’m sorry but nothing will change my view of Joseph Kahn as the Ben Shapiro of directors. It’s so painfully obvious that he only cares about this at all because of Taylor
  2. Yes just what we needed more of Joseph Kahn's thoughts on the matter.
  3. Stream He Said She Said by Ashley Tisdale NOW. After you stream Never Really Over.
  4. For fucks sake, shut the fuck up Joseph Kahn.
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  5. They’re friends. He had nothing to do with the acquisition.
  6. A ten year term isn’t even legal under California law (seven max, per Cal.
    Lab. Code §2855). I’m assuming she wanted to buy her old masters outright like Rihanna as opposed to buying the label and taking on its liabilities. It’s a much higher ask for Taylor than Rihanna because Taylor’s masters probably make up a good chunk of Big Machine’s $300M valuation.
  7. siacidal living up to her name
  8. 90% of the world's popstars waking up this morning, not having a clue who owns their masters, and not really caring
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  9. What does Rihanna have to do with popstars? x
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  10. She... is one.
  11. Joseph sis...she's not gonna fuck you
  12. Don't feed it, sweets.
  13. Is this 2016?
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  14. Some of these no-name girls really think they're cute and clever all of a sudden because of this disastrous thread.

    And I don't mean Tori Kelly.
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  15. ICYMI Katharine McPhee said her tweet wasn't aimed at Taylor and she loves and supports her.
    She probably doesn't but it's good to see her distancing herself from the wrong side. I love SMASH.
  16. I know but the deal was likely not being done under California law, since they’re in Nashville. (And that’s personal service contracts - if she owns her masters, plus more, and it’s more of a distribution or joint-venture deal does that carry less weight under that law? Not sure). I’m not saying I think it’s fair, I don’t, but it’s not technically more unfair than other artists’ contracts that are tied to albums where it’s not like you’re necessarily going to end up making an album a year. (I’m not saying I think those practices are fair either). What even were the delivery requirements? There’s an entire agreement(s) we haven’t seen so I’ve given up with the back and forth at this point. Receipts or nothing.

    Totally, and so also more difficult for them. I was just clarifying that her lawyer’s statement was framed in the article to be contradicting Scott’s when it seemed to me to be saying she wasn’t offered an outright purchase which he didn’t say she was. Likely a much higher ask indeed, but we also know very little (I think actually nothing) about Rihanna’s deal to buy her masters. The (P) lines on iTunes all still say Def Jam. It’s definitely possible that although she owns them, Def Jam still has the right to release/distribute for who knows how long. And she’s technically still in business with the parent company, since Roc Nation operates under UMG. (Don’t know what that deal structure is either but seems to be more of a joint-venture deal, as opposed to Big Machine’s distribution deal). It doesn’t seem like Taylor wanted them with Big Machine at all anymore, so it might not be totally comparable. (And the offer that Scott posted, if legit, was for all assets, not just masters). And hypothetically, if she had allowed that, would we be in almost the same position we are now?
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  17. We laugh, but honestly this is such a sad state of affairs.
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  18. Me deciding if I'm over your lies and if I'm over your games and if I'm over you asking me when you know I'm not okay.
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  19. But did you catch the layer that I used a gif of Rihanna, who does own all her masters?
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