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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I was just listening to Our Song the other day, I used to love that song. And I played my Speak Now CD so much when it came out. Man, time flies...
  2. Sandslash >>>>>>>> Arbok
  3. Oh great, here's exactly who we all needed to hear from about the whole debacle.
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  4. How does that man have ANY fans?

    He’s literally trash talked every region of every country in the world at this point.
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  5. I'm in no way defending him...but everyone, everywhere deserves a drag, tbh.
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  6. Not sure why I bothered to read all of that (or indeed, any of it), but it's all very

    old (1).jpg
  7. I know things have moved on but this revisionism of Blue as anything other than the gold standard of heartbreak and confessional songwriting is not the tea.
  8. I wouldn't even disrespect Joni by comparing the two albums. I adore Red, but Blue is one of the best works of art ever recorded.
  9. or at all, sksk
  10. I feel so torn about turning my nose up at corporations and popstars pinkwashing.
    I get the "you need to do more than just put a rainbow on your product and a drag queen in your video" thing, but ..I dunno. It just feels counter intuitive to me. Maybe cause I'm older and remember a time before. So many other minorities just don't get this kind of soft touch promotion. It has huge psychological effects on the normalization of LGBTQ people. For me..I'll take it thanks.
    I'm aware I'm probably out of step with the majority here but the toxicity and "thanks but no thanks" stuff I see on social media, leaves me cringing a bit. I get shivers. It feels sneery.
  11. RJF


    I just remembered that on top of this album we still need to get through Cats before the end of the year.
  12. //weary banana png//
  13. Her fans are eating güd.
  14. Ok I wasn't sure before but after seeing her perform the bridge of Shake It Off on that Amazon event I absolutely loathe her now. The absolute NEED to be the victim at all times while letting her fans do her dirty work is disturbing, obnoxious and repulsive. To think I used to stan so hard.......
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  15. Jesus Christ.
  16. Just rewatched this and it took me back to that crazy time. It gave me the chills. What a moment.
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  17. Taylor performing for one of the worst corporations on this planet for both worker and environmental rights-

    I just have to laugh.
  18. Just out of curiosity, do you purchase any items on Amazon?
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  19. Occasionally, but I always use standard shipping. I’ve also been cutting down how much I use Amazon (my goal is to stop using them by the end of this year) and generally shifted to buying second hand items over new items. Thanks for asking. Maybe I’ll start a zero waste thread!
  20. Oh shit the whole point is invalid now!!
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