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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. The dancer's ass at 1:26 was the good bit.
  2. Great sets... beautiful sets...
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  3. Dd this has the emotional weight and energy of an X-Factor contestant tryout clip.
  4. The choreographer seems to be asking for help with just her eyes. Bless her.

    Also America please stop enabling the Corden clown.
  5. Her ability to shoehorn the words ‘stadium tour’ into any context is iconic.
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  6. The Inside Look looks so... made. Ugh.
  7. The sets look so fucking beautiful. She’s looking snatched too.

    Maybe this won’t be a tragic mess after all.... perched for the trailer.
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  8. I really hate that because JHud and Judi Dench are involved, I am forced to go see this or my inner homosexual would guilt trip me.
  9. The sense of foreboding I feel when I think about the CGI fur mess that we're about to be subjected to on Friday. The demonic energy that that has.
  10. A day where Beyonce giveth and Taylor taketh away.
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  11. I LIVE for her humble brags honestly ddd.
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  12. What about it was humble, though?
  13. She really changed her display name on Instagram to Bombalurina, I-
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  14. I wonder how she's feeling about this upcoming album now. Me! and You Need To Calm Down have been done well enough, without being outright smashes. Once again she finds herself embroiled in another feud pre-album release. She's already said she still feels pressure and with even her most die hard fans acknowledging that these latest songs are weak, I wonder if there's been some frantic studio sessions to try and knock out 2 or 3 new songs?

    I mean even if her lead singles have historically not been the best on the album, they were still songs they knew would help sell the album. If these 2 songs are her putting her best foot forward to sell this one then I'd be worried. And there's 16 more songs where these came from on the standard edition. If these are the best out of 18 songs....
  15. According to Jack’s Instagram, they were in the studio together as recently as June ddd.
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  16. This instills no faith in me since his songs are the absolute worst on Reputation. That well has run dry.
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  17. She/her team have always had questionable taste at best when it comes to picking singles.
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  18. Fixed x
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  19. I guess I don't think so. The singles off the debut were genuinely the best songs there. The singles off Fearless were also the ones that made the most sense. Speak Now... because she was still predominantly a country artist I think the choices made sense even if they weren't my personal favorites. Red - again, I don't love the song with Ed Sheeran but they were trying to capitalize on his popularity. The other songs all made sense. Same with 1989 (I actually maintain that All You Had to Do should have been a single instead of Bad Blood which survived solely on media attention, but whatever it was a hit).
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  20. I can't fathom thinking the Antonoff tracks are the weaker part of Reputation when Delicate is the only really good one that Max brought to the table.
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