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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. RatyRats
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  2. Dogs are better but I stan her love for cats.
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  3. My cat has never let me down <3 I'd say the same about the dog but she bit me a couple of times so I don't trust her.
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  4. My rat literally bit me this morning and I apologized.
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  5. My cat is everything and her love of cats is the only thing I have ever found relate-able about her.
  6. I spent the majority of my vacation to Turkey laid on the grass talking to stray cats. Im so random

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  7. I am not ashamed to say that my cat is my best friend (cause never let me down and always there for me (*like I’ve been there before*)) and in that case her love for cats is enough for me to stan.
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  8. I'm so glad Natasha Bedingfield is back <3
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  9. I detest animals.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. The PopJustice Pets thread is lit.
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  12. Her pushing her love of cats as if I care/it’s worth knowing about high key the only thing I found insufferable thing about her 2006-2016. Vaguely embarrassing the whole time but at this point I suppose it IS evidence of a relatable human within the demonic exterior.
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  13. Cat people are...suspicious.
  14. My dog is my best friend, and I tell him that all the time. He’s usually not impressed by my decelerations of love though.
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  15. Dog people are... obvious.
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  16. Disliking cats or dogs means there's a lack of love in your spirit and you exude nothing but evil energy.
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  17. Dog and cat people:

    Me: [​IMG]
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  18. Okay but that lyric about leaving Christmas decors til January if true... She said procrastinating rights!
  19. Who doesn’t leave their Christmas lights up through New Years?
  20. I don't decorate at all so I don't have that worry.
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