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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I don't decorate at all so I don't have that worry.
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  2. We can hate her bangs, her terrible Lover singles and Cats but not cats please.
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  3. I like some animals. Just not in my home.
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  4. My mother always preaches that it's bad luck to take any Xmas decorations down earlier than the 1st of January. dddd
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  5. Oh wait did we already move on from animals to Christmas decorations?
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  6. Giving me

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  8. Yes.

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  9. Well I live in a literal zoo and the animals are annoying cunts. Love them though!
  10. RJF


    Thank you.
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  11. I came in here thinking this thread was on the first page due to the track listing finally being announced but here we are talking about cats and dogs...

    Also, animals are more reliable than humans. Every time I watch a sad movie and cry, my pet will come running over to lick my cheeks dry.

    Their love is usually unconditional, unless the other person or stranger who gives them more treats comes around.
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  12. I spend a lot of time on Popjustice too, but I wouldn't say I live here.
  13. Ultimately I don't think there's a better argument in any animals' favor than that they can't release a song like ME!
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  14. The number of times this thread has derailed from Taylor to random topics is honestly iconic, and the main reason why I keep coming back.

    I love cats and dogs, but I can't have either because my boyfriend is allergic to all pets.
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  15. Do Furbies count as animals?
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  16. Maybe, but why did you post a picture from Cats (2019)?
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  17. No.
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  19. Sam


    My favourite thing to ever come out of any Taylor Swift era ever was the revelation that she’s a regular on 4chan and is quite frighteningly clever at hacking, and then Taylor Nation issuing warnings basically to the tune of “don’t fuck with Taylor or you’ll be doxxed” dddd

  20. An expert at hacking? Hmmm, you don't say...

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