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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I also feel like Bebe made this story up for easy headlines ddd
  2. I mean I was going to say this sounds just like the incident where she said every designer called her "too big" to dress her, and she got a lot of press as a result. It's like...the same exact strategy.
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  3. Phat Bitches and non-Rexhars only.

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  4. I agree, it’s a gorgeous song but it feels like it’s really building to a big moment that never happens. I still love it though.
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  5. Same with her neighbour number story.
    The new Bebe girl loves ha fiction.
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  6. The Archer's favorite color is clear. Its favorite food is soggy white bread. Its favorite drink is lukewarm water. Its favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Its favorite show is Friends. Its f
  7. “If she were a spice, she’d be flour”
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  8. She just posted a story signing CD inserts, she says she's signing around 20000 of them. After what they did with Me!, I can't wait to see them pull all the stops when the album launches.
  9. Uh uh.
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  10. As opposed to ME! and You Need To Calm Down, whose favorite shows are The Office and Drag Race season 7 only, respectively
  11. "If she were a book, she'd be two books."
  12. It’s amazing how often I use that quote in daily life!
  13. By The Office, you mean The Office US seasons 8 and 9 specifically, right? Or the Ricky Gervais version
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  14. The US version (which I don't hate but it's...massively overrated nn)
  15. WOW


    I don’t think the world has seemed as unenthused about a Taylor release in a long time? Is anyone excited about this album? Even the GP are barely talking about it as far as I can tell. Even on this thread about the album it’s lucky to get a single mention every few pages.

    I wonder is she still banking on one last 1 million opening week. What do we think the odds are of that happening?
  16. I’m fully expecting some sort of bundling etc. shenanigans so I’d say it might not be that out of reach.
  17. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she doesn’t get it, but also it feels like we had this exact same conversation around reputation and she did it...again. For as quiet as it’s been, You Need To Calm Down needs just 1 more week in the top 20 to have spent more time there than any Taylor single since I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.

    Either way, none of that matters unless the rest of the music is good. I really love The Archer, and I’ll still die on the hill of Calm Down being a messy bop, but between ME! and the description of track 17...I think hearing the title track on Thursday night will let me know which way to adjust my expectations for the rest of the album.
  18. I'd say she's got it in the bag, I guess most of her first week sales are from her hardcore fans and those haven't gone anywhere.

    Hopefully the next single will get things back on track.
  19. I don't think there's any way she's getting 1 million first week this time. Reputation was coming off the peak of her Imperial phase, but those days are long gone. Add to that the...rather tepid reception the singles have gotten. She'll still do great sales, but I really don't see 1 million in one week in 2019.
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