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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. According to some secret sessioners, Cruel Summer was produced by Max/Shellback.
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  2. At what moment did you admit to yourself that Taylor fell off musically?
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  3. Max Martin is the album's only hope of being decent.
  4. At this point I don’t think she has the creative vision nerve to work with different producers.
  5. So there will be a good song on the album.
  6. I’m mostly curious to hear the self-produced track, Daylight. Taylor is credited as a co-producer on most of her best songs (State of Grace, all of Speak Now, Out Of The Woods, etc...) so I’ve been wanting to hear what she can do by herself.
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  7. That’s debatable. Max and Shellback co-wrote and produced Ed Sh**rat’s I Don’t Care.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. RJF


    I don't find Max Martin an exciting or even solid choice in 2019.
  10. *checks latest work by Max Martin*
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  11. He wasn't actually involved in 2002 and the other Ari songs from the last year or 2 are great-to-incredible. I'm sure his work (if any) on Lover will be stronger than what miss Antonoff has been churning out (see Reputation).
  12. Bored
    I Don't Care

    How apt
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  13. Sis ghostin' was also by him. So.
  14. Pre-Red, I was dreading Max Martin songs.
    Pre-Lover, those songs are the only ones I'm looking forward to.

    Turntables, etc.
  15. Hmm, Iooks like ILYA is the common link behind any value in Max's recent productions so I'm not really perched.
  16. Max has been guilty of phoning it in a bit lately, but he did Ready For It and King of my Heart which were probably the two most exciting productions on the last album so I’m fine with his continued involvement. Oh, and Delicate.
  17. The Max Martin tracks are absolutely the highlights on Thank U, Next so let's not.
  18. 2002 is a sample credit - the song uses Britney lyrics, amongst others. (But your point still kinda stands, even if I do like the two other tracks).
  19. The Max tracks were all the good ones on Reputation, aside from Call It What You Want, and the productions we've had from this album so far have been.. underwhelming so I'm hoping that we do have at least one Max track on Lover.
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  20. Assuming "Lover" doesn't take off and become a single, I think the next push will probably go to "Cruel Summer" with the palm tree teasing and all.
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