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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Superbowl 2019 had Spongebob memes. 2020 Superbowl is in Miami. Reputation jacket has a Miami Beach patch with palm trees.
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  2. There was a hint of this happening already from the "hidden" messages in the album booklets. Stans just... evolved I suppose.

  3. My new favorite theory. Never let the fact April 30th is a Tuesday discourage you from shooting your shot.
  4. How funny will it be if April 30th comes and goes with nothing happening?
  5. April 30th is my birthday. It would be a cool present.
  6. 2013 BBMA performance of 22:

    2014 Shake It Off MV:

    2017 jacket from reputation magazines:
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  7. Okay but I can't read the words "island breeze and lights down low" without the opening of Sound of the Underground going around in my head.

    Taylor feat. Xenomania is coming!
  8. Her La Isla Bo-White-a is coming!
  9. I hope we at least get a great Vanity Fair Oscar party look tonight.
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  10. This guy is a photographer/graphic designer, his bio is “the old Tyler can’t come to the phone right now” and the first thing on his website is pictures from the rep tour...
  11. reputation: this time it’s personal - Live In Maui
  12. I mean work Pepe Swiftia, but I think the Snake necklace was entirely a coincidence, dd.
  13. Unless she's a clairvoyant, then yeah.
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  14. You do realize the whole snake thing happened two years after the Shake It Off music video was released, right?
  15. Well...
  16. -Taylor dressed in a palm tree outfit cuts the wings of the TS6 plane and writes in "reputation" instead on 'Look What You Made Me Do'
    -Future wearing a palm tree jacket on 'End Game'
    -Military jacked from the rep photoshoot has a mermaid and 7 palm trees on it
    -reputation Tour Poster for Pasadena has 7 palm trees on it too
    -Dresses as Little Mermaid for some costume party
    -Posts random pic with 7 Palm trees on it + 7 Palm tree emojis

    It's all lining up!
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  17. Me: This sounds like total bulls-

    Swifites writing conspiracies on ATRL: "Think about the plane scene in LWYMMD - the plane is literally called TS6, she cuts off its wings and graffitis 'reputation' over it. The final scene is the plane still in the hanger, the 15 tracks of reputation in the foreground, with Taylor in an outfit covered in palm trees lurking in the background on her temporarily abandoned album, as a sign of things to come."

  18. Who knows, I mean if coincidences keep happening, you gotta start wondering if they're really coincidences.
  19. upload_2019-2-24_17-0-1.gif

    Also, on the Palm Tree Watch 2019 front: the rep tour poster had 7 palm trees for the Pasadena/LA date.
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