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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Yeah I agree with all that! But at the same time Glastonbury used to be exclusively rock, didn’t it? Adding in pop acts took time but eventually they were accepted. So I could totally see Longitude changing? Bring back Oxygen! Haha
  2. She is on the cover of Rolling Stone

    Here's the article

    She really needs to get rid of those bangs. She looks so pretty without them

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  3. Why is she still talking about Kanye???
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  4. That part about not feeling like a real person and just a patchwork of responses to different criticisms you’ve faced...obviously on a much different scale but the recovering people-pleaser in me felt that.
  5. Great interview - it finally feels like we’re at peace with things (despite going over it all again for a moment)
  6. She was asked about it.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Very good interview, gives context to everything she's been through these past few years. never understood the hate she got for the famous gate.
    Hope it all translates well into music at some point, Lover isn't half as open or honest as the interview itself.
  9. This sounds.....Amish.

    So glad she's coming back to country.
  10. Luvspringa
  11. Okay but that cover is a bit of a serve
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  12. Taylor never having been to therapy explains so much dddd.
  13. Lol
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  14. aux


    Nwat with ME! in there
  15. It's very early Bjork tee bee aich.
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  16. She's served a few iconic lewks this era. Her 2 award show looks being her worst is a kii though.
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  17. I actually thought it was a pretty good interview. There were a couple of moments where it seemed the journalist was going to press her a little further on things I've been waiting for someone to press her on, but he kinda backed down. I care so little about the Kim/Kanye thing now. I guess I'm the minority there. I was more interested when he pressed her on the "squad" business and how she complained about - but benefited- from making sure we knew what song was about which celebrity boyfriend. But then he didn't really press her on it. Overall I thought she came across well.
  18. I do like how often she uplifts her peers. We love all the Big Pop Girls
  19. Taylor talking about reconnecting with Katy in Rolling Stone, exactly 5 years to the month after her last Rolling Stone article where Bad Blood was mentioned for the first time is a cute moment of full circle whatever.
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