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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. It was a good read. I get the sense that she spent literally three years practicing some of those answers, but they were good answers.

    If Lover is the swan song of her 20s, this felt like the perfect companion piece for the era.
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  2. Dddd so “in my feelings more than Drake so yeah” is yet another Easter egg.
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  3. LP


    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  4. Ddd this made me yelp.
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  5. If Venus was a boy
    Then he'd be the boy
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  6. That made me laugh. She obviously has been thinking about having a family, but it was funny how she got all flustered when she mentioned that.
    I am sure that if we were to listen to that recording of the interview, she would sound all nervous and shit
  7. Taylor’s first six albums have now sold more than 5 Million copies each.
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  8. I have very impure thoughts about Jack Antonoff.
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  9. Don't you have impure thoughts about any generic, inoffensive white boy?
  10. I mean, the idea of sex in a room that smells like old Lunchables and Pokemon cards isn't particularly my idea of a steamy thought, but that's good if it is for you!
  11. I do too until I remember his old room full of dirty clothes and... that he used his gun with Lena Dunham.
  12. Thank you...for that but we can do it in some other room xx
  13. She has cancelled her Australian visit:
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  15. Banjo Beyonce was a great game for the N64.
  16. I'm screaming the article is a riot!

  17. Not sure what the likelihood of Taylor doing Glastonbury is, but I do like the idea of her performing The Man in the faces of all the pathetic straight men who will no doubt kick up a fuss and complain that a female pop star headlining the festival is “wrong”.
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  18. Took me two weeks but I finally got through all the pages post-album-leak. What a ride.

    Anyway now I'm at the end I can admit that I really like Lover...if I switch my brain off for certain parts of it. It was released right before my first ever romantic getaway with my boyfriend, so I was pretty much obliged to love the hazy pastel romance vibe of it all, and Miss Americana, False God and The Man (problematic lyrics and all) are already up there with my favourite songs of hers. But yes, there are a handful of songs that take me right out of the experience, either because they don't fit in with the album's sonic or lyrical themes...or because they're just outright bad (we all know which ones). I guess a few outlier songs are preferable to Reputation's weird half-and-half of bitter industrial songs and soppy 1989 leftovers, but like, what I'd really prefer is for her to make a consistent album again.
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  19. I heard Lover on the radio yesterday and it just made me think about how wildly off the mark she's been with her single choices for the last few years. The geepee actually liking stuff like Lover (soon to be determined I guess dddd it's still a bit early) & Delicate while she thinks shit like ME! is going to be an easy hit.

    Sometimes you lose etc. etc.
  20. aux


    I thought Delicate would've taught her, but ME! is proof that... she didn't really learn.
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