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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. She's served a few iconic lewks this era. Her 2 award show looks being her worst is a kii though.
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  2. I actually thought it was a pretty good interview. There were a couple of moments where it seemed the journalist was going to press her a little further on things I've been waiting for someone to press her on, but he kinda backed down. I care so little about the Kim/Kanye thing now. I guess I'm the minority there. I was more interested when he pressed her on the "squad" business and how she complained about - but benefited- from making sure we knew what song was about which celebrity boyfriend. But then he didn't really press her on it. Overall I thought she came across well.
  3. I do like how often she uplifts her peers. We love all the Big Pop Girls
  4. Taylor talking about reconnecting with Katy in Rolling Stone, exactly 5 years to the month after her last Rolling Stone article where Bad Blood was mentioned for the first time is a cute moment of full circle whatever.
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  5. That interview is probably the most interesting piece of press she’s done all era? Her interpretation of her last three albums, her views on how she approaches marketing, her saying her family took the reigns during reputation, and even the added context she alleges about the Kim/Kanye thing were... curious to read.

    The photo shoot is what this album’s art direction should’ve been.
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  7. @HollyDunnSomething looks cute here
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  8. It was a good read. I get the sense that she spent literally three years practicing some of those answers, but they were good answers.

    If Lover is the swan song of her 20s, this felt like the perfect companion piece for the era.
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  9. Dddd so “in my feelings more than Drake so yeah” is yet another Easter egg.
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  10. LP


    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  11. Ddd this made me yelp.
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  12. If Venus was a boy
    Then he'd be the boy
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  13. That made me laugh. She obviously has been thinking about having a family, but it was funny how she got all flustered when she mentioned that.
    I am sure that if we were to listen to that recording of the interview, she would sound all nervous and shit
  14. Taylor’s first six albums have now sold more than 5 Million copies each.
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  15. I have very impure thoughts about Jack Antonoff.
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  16. Don't you have impure thoughts about any generic, inoffensive white boy?
  17. I mean, the idea of sex in a room that smells like old Lunchables and Pokemon cards isn't particularly my idea of a steamy thought, but that's good if it is for you!
  18. I do too until I remember his old room full of dirty clothes and... that he used his gun with Lena Dunham.
  19. Thank you...for that but we can do it in some other room xx
  20. She has cancelled her Australian visit:
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