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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. "The Empress" was never a good nickname sis
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  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Andy, hush.
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  3. Should have been the lead single but good news.

    It has crossed 100m on Spotify.
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  4. See you in court, fat!
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  6. For the mere fact that you tagged me in the Taylor Swift thread (how many rosaries do I have to do after exiting this thread to keep the devil out of me?!)... I will not only refuse to represent you in court, but I will engineer you being killed first in Season 9 of PopJustice's Hit Series 'THE SLASHER' (for which sign-up is now open!). (What?! It's the fucking Taylor Swift thread. There's no such thing as shame. We gave away DVDs of The Slasher Season 4 with Papa John's pizzas, too).
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  7. HDD have confirmed The Man as the fourth single as well. It’s been picked up by so many stations before the official adds date that its about ~120 spins from already cracking the top 50 at pop radio.
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  8. Watch it go #1 now ddd
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  9. Surely releasing The Man is pretty much a win win situation. It's already charted in the top 30 in both the UK and US so it's already kind of saved from being considered a massive flop. I guess the only thing is whether the label want to invest money into a music video.
  10. The Man should have been released in early November. Well actually scratch that - it should have been released in August as the albums 3rd single and she should have released Lover in November when it would have felt more appropriate sonically and visually, considering she made a music video set around a snow globe and Christmas lights and released it in August.
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  11. Miss Americana is still sitting pretty at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes with 22 critic reviews in, The Man is finally being sent to radio and already off to a good start at Pop, plus a brand new song this Friday to go with the documentary? I'm finally being repaid for the trials (ME!) and tribulations (Cats) that she put me through.

  12. Rem


    A snippet of Only The Young leaked
  13. But what about the album itself oop
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  14. I listened to the snippet earlier and I actually love it. I was worried about the choir with Joel’s daughters but it sounds cute.

    They think that it’s over
    But it’s just begun
    Only one thing can save us
    Only the young
  15. You mean the very good one she released last year? What about it, indeed
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  16. I really don’t expect much from post-album singles in the streaming era, but if she comes through with the music video she could potentially have a cute hit on her hands.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Double post (unless someone posts while I type this dd) but The Man has actually on grown on me as time has gone on. I want her to camp it up for the video. Play into the stereotypical gender bias, Thriftie!
  19. “Can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already” - Ashley Frangipane, icon.
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