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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Yeah I'm gonna need to her to put out the ME! (Sad version).
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  2. The documentary is pretty good! The political angle was cringe at some points (that entire conversation with her dad/team looked staged as hell even though I can totally see it going down like that) but it gave good insight to where her thought process has been over the last few years.

    I'm not sure why the fuck we had to endure the writing/recording process of ME! over literally any other song on the album, but I'm still a sucker for studio footage so... yeah.
  3. My guess was they focused filming on it expecting it to be a bigger hit than it was.
  4. I’m here to announce that I’m starting Tree Paine’s best supporting actress campaign.
  5. I just finished it and was an emotional mess throughout the whole thing, as I expected. I think it's been widely known that she thrives off of success and accolades, numbers, etc. but to hear her put it into her own words and talk about how it's literally the entirety of who she is...kind of put it into perspective for me. I can relate to the need for approval and a pat on the back, and it's hard to sit back and realize it's not an attainable thing to base your entire life off of.

    And as much as I don't really care for reputation, it was sad to see her immediately say "I'll make a better record", like yes, please make a better record, but her immediate thought isn't, "I worked hard on this and I'm proud of it". She dismisses a lot of herself and her work based on how people that don't even follow her career feel about it, and that's sad.

    I just find myself really relating to her, which I think is what's making me emotional. I literally grew up with her, and around the time of 1989, I felt like I was growing without her. Hearing her talk candidly about her eating disorder kind of took me surprise a little bit even though I knew it was coming. I gave up on the idea of her being anything other than carefully constructed, I genuinely never expected her to open up about these things. As is her right not to, I want to add.

    I thought this was well done all around. The political stuff did feel a bit melodramatic, but then again I can’t relate to the pressure of having 100 million people hanging onto my every word. I think this did a good job of stripping away a little bit of the “brand” behind Taylor, and why it even existed the way it did in the first place. As much as I do drag her when she’s being a sociopathic jackass, I do think she has a good heart and good intentions, and I’m eager to see how much more she grows into her 30’s.

    Also ME! is still diabolical. I had blocked it out almost immediately after I heard it and all those writing session scenes brought it back and I’m angry that anyone told her it was ok. Fake friends, sis.
  6. I definitely came out of this laminating my Tree Paine stan card. When will your fave's publicist be so iconic?

  7. This is honestly everything i wanted to write if i could have done it elegantly as you did. Her trying to reach that approval rings so relatable to a perfectionist people pleaser like me. I am very moved by all of this.
  8. Ok I really enjoyed Miss Americana today. As a former people pleaser from childhood a lot of this was very relatable. She'll be much freer and way less anxious when she fully learns to let go of that. I love watching her song writing process.
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  9. Few of my thoughts after watching it:

    1. The recording process seemed quite insightful and interesting to watch.
    2. The most Swiftie thing I ever did - I still have an Instagram screen recording on my phone of her randomly playing Clean at the Reputation show because I really like how she sounded. A nice surprise to see it featured in the doc and hearing the crystal clear recording of it.
    3. That political discussion was really irritating. The way that 'What if the stadium is going to be half full?' comment was brought up (or something of that nature) when denouncing Trump supporters/republicans. Good, they should stay fucking home anyway.
    4. Her implying that she knows her blockbuster mainstream success is coming to an end as she's reaching 30 was the saddest moment to me.
    5. You can't judge how someone is processing fame in general, critiques and mean comments, but her focus on bad press and calling it out left me a bit sour.

    All in all, the documentary seemed, to me, too calculated, heavily filtered and... quite boring, with the risk of sounding mean. I'm happy for her if she's feeling well, doing her thing, etc, but this is deemed as way more interesting than it actually is. It's just... there. Happy for the diehards that got it, it's nice that she documented so much, I guess.
  10. ^ Yeah it was sad hearing her say that about turning 30. But I swear I could hear a sense of relief too? As if she feels she could just write and release music without the pressure of competing?

    The cats though were my favourite thing about the whole documentary. Benjamin climbing all over the piano, then Meredith eating Dreamies sat in the Union Jack jack... and then in that backpack.
  11. I just want to follow up and mention that the slashers did indeed kill @johnny_tsunami first. Taylor's evil mojo is real. Careful in here, y'all.
  12. I hated this part because the sheer thought of women in the industry being "allowed" success made my blood boil. And for it to be on their mind as they turn 30 is just hideous.
  13. The documentary was good. I screamed at her saying “I’m gonna make a better record” cutting to her writing ME.
  14. Taylor writing Only the Young

  15. One of my favorite quotes from the documentary. Obviously I was going to enjoy it no matter what but I felt genuinely captivated the entire time, I think that having a relatively short run time was a good decision because they made the most of the time they had and there wasn't really any room for dead space. I really liked what she said about "changing the channel in her brain" when she feels the bad thoughts from her eating disorder creeping back in, because it addresses that while things like that may never completely go away but that you can get to a place where it doesn't have to control you anymore which I think is an important message. All of the scenes with her mom were extremely poignant as well.

    Also I realize it was quite a somber moment but I laughed when she said she didn't have anyone to call after she won Album of the Year for 1989, when she was dating Calvin at the time. She really did forget that he existed (and it's what he deserves).
  16. This made me laugh too. I was thinking uh sis... not only did you have a boyfriend of a year but didn't you even thank him in one of your speeches?
  17. I also personally saw her at the Republic after party that night with Lorde, Camila, Shawn, and the rest of her ‘2016 squad.’ She was anything but alone.
  18. I'm watching Miss Americana
  19. Not this going viral on Twitter ddd. They spilled
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  20. No lies though.
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